Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

Published on March 4, 2020

“Coming ashore soon” reads the tagline of the ad campaign for new Corona Hard Seltzer, in perhaps the worst-timed product launch of all time. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Cinna Prism 2 years ago

    Those pants are oompa loompa rip offs. Edit: People who associate Corona beer with the virus are beyond stupid and probably watch Fox news.

  • Melissa H 2 years ago

    Fake plant person 😂

  • Taylor Craig Newbold 2 years ago

    Voting for Biden is as stupid as watering a plastic succulent.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 years ago

    You gotta be tripping balls to wear those pants!

  • danger stranger 2 years ago

    Launched? I drank this last summer. It’s actually a lot better then the other crappy American beers like Budweiser and natty light.

  • Romansapien M 2 years ago

    It is known fact that Hitler used potato to cure his genital warts. that is why his a DickTator

  • Delilah Gillis 2 years ago

    Corona beer is good with Lime & tacos

  • Wolfram Stahl 2 years ago

    If corona ran that exact ad, I bet their sales would go up!

  • A King 2 years ago

    Look like testicle pants.. NEW Testical pants… When you want to go without pants but have an important job interview… 😃😀😄

  • 4 Hounds Who Heal 2 years ago

    This BULLSHIT mundane segment wastes a minimum of 30 seconds everyday just w it’s introduction. Then he apologies to guests for “being out of time”

  • Iamtop 2 years ago

    Actually, Corona virus is great for Corona sales. Who would even have heard of Corona Hard Seltzer without pieces like this ?

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    If ya gonna do it.. don’t do the Russet potatoes.. the “fingerlings” are the best choice of hemorrhoid treatment.

  • john lau 2 years ago

    1:44 Looks like someone have invented the latest portable chair that you can laterally sit on your pant when you are tired while shopping with your girlfriend…

  • Sparkles & Cheech Melon Cougar Camp #AnNoYiNgCoUpLe 2 years ago


  • Gold Osburn 2 years ago

    Sorry but those pants remind me in the hot summer days when I’m wearing my shorts.

  • Lando Calrizzi 2 years ago

    I love John “i cant do it”

  • Andrew Roy 2 years ago

    Do us Andrews proud.

  • devilquak 2 years ago

    Everyone should know that that 38% survey was funded by Corona’s competitors and the results subsequently mass misreported. The real results were that 38% of people surveyed said they prefered not to buy that brand anyway, and separately asked different questions regarding the virus. 38% of people did not say they’d avoid the beer because of its name, as believable as it is.

  • Eurobuilt VW 2 years ago

    Hey have you been working out??? NA its just the air in my pants!!!! hahahahahaha


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