Meanwhile… Carole Baskin Gets “Tiger King” Joe Exotic;s Zoo

Published on June 4, 2020

Meanwhile… Nobody knows what the mysterious Carole Baskin will do with Joe Exotic’s Zoo Land now that a judge has handed her control of the Tiger King’s property. #StephenAtHome #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile

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  • William Sutherland 1 month ago

    And what about the dissapearance of her ex husband🤔

  • Harshav Mahendran 1 month ago

    Could you please do an “audience asks Jon questions” segment when you’re talking to him, just to keep things interesting. Just one short question from time to time.

  • E. Pikfayel 1 month ago

    When he heard the news Joe Exotic screamed,

    _Carole Fkn Baskin You B____!!_

  • Blu Peppers 1 month ago

    I don’t feel bad for Joe Exotic you can’t just publicly threaten one person for years and expect zero push back if someone did that to me or my spouse I’d snap and go scorched earth on them too

  • embola00 1 month ago

    You keep the carp

  • MCR122568 1 month ago

    Yes yes play your music at a protest. That would be amazing!

  • johnekizomba 1 month ago

    Quarrantine? the test of the country is going back to work, we’re out and about.p

  • Gautam Sarathy 1 month ago

    Tiger King did Carole Baskin dirty. Seriously.

  • aniliname 1 month ago

    That alligator was rumored to have been Hitler’s pet. It really has a remarkable history. That’s why the Moscow Zoo considered it a kind of “celebrity guest.”

  • ProjectFlashlight612 1 month ago

    If you giggle loudly at the end of every sentence you speak, like Baskin does, it is just possible you are crazier than a bag of ferrets.

  • TheThailightZone 1 month ago

    Is anybody really surprised that children of wealthy parents are admitted to and graduate ivy league colleges not based upon academic merit but money. I mean look at the poor quality of some of the politicians & leaders.

  • otakuman706 1 month ago

    Born and raised in Fl and spent a lot of time in Key West, and that story does not surprise me in the slightest.
    I love the place, but it really is home to the highest concentration of ‘beef jerky’ people in the state– a state with an already very high amount. And in being aged, dried and baked in that harsh sun, it definitely seems to… effect a fair number of peoples minds in some… unique ways. 🤣🤣

    Though, tbf, growing up around it I thought it was normal until traveling around a lot, followed by the internet explosion of Florida man, really making it seem clear. But I also lived alongside a lake with a 6ft+ gator before age 7 or 8, then started helping to catch them at around 11, and always knew a guy who raised them in his house, etc. Probably should have realized that wasn’t exactly ‘average’, even in most of Florida, so wtf do I know?

  • Patti Hawks 1 month ago

    Love Jon! Play that funky music! ❤️🙏✌️

  • rhene johns 1 month ago

    Imagine- not allowed to sell fireworks but can own endangered megafauna. Exactly. Ecosystems are actually more important than human economies for human survival.

  • mandarinduck 1 month ago

    Apparently her character on “When Calls the Heart” also travelled back east to take care of her mother. I can’t decide if I should be shocked at their lack of originality or applaud their meta humor.

  • Michael Tabish 1 month ago


  • Nicky Chimes 1 month ago

    Stevie C back on form tonight here, and looking utterly wasted!

  • TheUsername217 1 month ago

    At least Auny Becky served her time, shes gonna have more street rep than most mumble rappers

  • LordAaronus 1 month ago

    that alligator saw the fall of Nazis just to rise again in another country, you bet he’s disappointed

  • Heel Charisma 1 month ago

    “It’s burning, it’s burning! Great, now we gotta to buy more hydrogen! Oh, the inconvenience!”


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