“Mean Tweets” Threaten Biden Cabinet & DeSantis Gives VIP Vaccines |The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 24, 2021

New car smell contains high levels of carcinogens, Neera Tanden’s OMB nomination comes under fire for “mean tweets,” and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be giving the vaccine to rich donor friends. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NeeraTanden



  • Destroyer ofworlds 2 years ago

    Nera Tanden is the worst pick. She’s totally corrupt. It’s sad everyone is talking about her tweets, talk about all her conflicts of interests. Anyways it’s good she won’t be confirmed.

  • Sing Loc 2 years ago

    Melania Trump, “Be best” lol. The anti-bullying campaign 😂

  • Geanna Smith 2 years ago

    So you’re not gonna talk about how corrupt Neera Tandon is?

  • pseudonym of a nerd 2 years ago

    “Referred to Mitch McConnell as Voldemort” I died

  • Rebecca Nolan 2 years ago

    She wasn’t wrong

  • Django Barber 2 years ago

    It hard out there for a pimp

  • TheDavidd92 2 years ago

    Mean tweets, not okay. Literally wanting to shoot pelosi, totally okay? yeah….

  • Sony XA1 2 years ago

    If Bernie votes for Neera, he’ll lose a lot of respect from his base.

  • Aya 2 years ago

    Channeling his inner Chappelle…bitch!

  • VodkaHindJelly 2 years ago

    New car smell was nice when seats were made of leather. Who honestly likes new car smell in the 21st century?

  • McKeon Thulani 2 years ago

    Now Tweets hurt Republicans?

  • Ambrose otundo 2 years ago

    Zoom’s worst nightmare😂

  • Emmet Harrigan 2 years ago

    Trevor wouldn’t touch the Center For American Progress story with a ten foot pole because his corporate overlords would pull the plug on his show. Neera Tandems tweets distract from her disgusting corruption and the more Trevor shills for the Biden admin the less I like and trust him.

  • Cifortio 2 years ago

    Good thing I’m poor and can’t afford a car

  • range pure 2 years ago

    The faint fair badge happily wink because february naturally label across a splendid inventory. breakable, long clock

  • dom free 2 years ago

    have you ever see an election debate? they bitched about each other and that is how they are elected. Be mean to someone and get elected. Just like those xxxx Senators.

  • Sphesihle Khwela 2 years ago

    Hamba treva batshele

  • mansi shukla 2 years ago

    Honestly, she can post her opinions on social media if Republican senators can spew lies and incorrect facts through Social media and Fox news and not have any of this affect their chances to be a cabinet member. I mean, the last President tweeted and spoke in a much more vulgar manner and he still got to be commander in chief.
    What bothers me is – why don’t Democrats act tough sometimes and own their stance? Why do they have to be apologetic about things that are like nursery school stuff for an amateur Republican?The woman is NOT constitutionally required to praise or refrain from criticising her political opponents. And her tweets were not even close to the nonsensical misinformation spread by the Republicans every day.

  • K Mick 2 years ago

    So good at being victims.

  • Khalimero Adam 2 years ago

    Still love the smell!..


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