McCarthy Humiliated by Failed Speaker Vote as House GOP Explodes into Chaos: A Closer Look

Published on January 3, 2023

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans exploding into absolute chaos on what was supposed to be their first day in charge of the House of Representatives when far-right MAGA members blocked GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy from winning enough votes to become Speaker on the first two ballots.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • devilquak 9 months ago

    Correkshun… the bumper sticker should have been on the back of the golf cart, not the side

  • M Lewis 9 months ago

    trumps metaphorical skin is as thin as wet silk. Maybe next time talking about how trumpian Trumpists are, Art could find or create a full torso tattoo of him and shop his own head onto it.

  • Guarm Iron 9 months ago

    Jeffries came within 6 votes of being house speaker today.

    That would make things interesting: a Republikkkan majority house with the first Black house speaker.

  • Arts Veiman 9 months ago

    I personally support Donald Trump for speaker of the house.
    He would do nothing but talk about himself for hours upon hours upon hours driving every @$#$#$@# Republican insane and getting absolutely nothing done.

  • MerkinMuffly 9 months ago

    Begun, the Clown Wars have.

  • iamfiefo 9 months ago

    Oh, the vote to elect a new Speaker wasn’t stolen? Well, that’s refreshing as they keep on saying most elections are rigged anyways.

  • F-HiM-Yo 9 months ago

    However, McCarthy DOES have the votes for Gutless dog turd.

  • Matthew Jenkins 9 months ago

    Thank God Seth is back!

  • PtolemyJones 9 months ago

    From what I read, the Speaker does not need to be a member of the house. Is this going to lead to the far right trying to get Trump? Gad…

  • BSING 2U 9 months ago

    Thank goodness Seth is back ..its been a rough 2 weeks.

  • toychristopher 9 months ago

    It’s hilarious that McCarthy sucked up so much to Trump and it got him nothing today.

  • Terrance 9 months ago

    So sweet, I had a grin as big as Kevin McCarthy when I saw that Seth is back. Hell yes.

  • vinceofcamden 9 months ago

    there is no returning to “normalcy”: and we shouldn’t want to! we deserve better than “normal”. it’s communist/socialist revolution* or bust at this stage imo. ‘let’s return to normal’ is the cry of a conservative. it’s literally what the word means. conserving the status quo; conserving normalcy. ‘normal’ is what got us here. ‘better’ is what will get us out.

    * to clarify; I am not referring to a violent revolution

  • Terry Allen Sutherland Indy Highlander 9 months ago

    When you talk like you did in the intro, you should play the slow, sexy “bowmp ch-ka Bow wow” music I had to pause and take a cold shower.
    Also, I’m a technologist, and the problem with Rudi’s audio was that he somehow muted himself, not his phone mic. I’ve seen it many times. My wife’s mom does it all the time.

  • Jerald Ehlert 9 months ago

    How did Seth get that gnarly scar on his chin?

  • Fangs and Folklore 9 months ago

    Seth: Tijuana is not pronounced Ti-a-juana with an extra syllable. It’s just Tijuana.


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