Maz Jobrani Has Been Directly Impacted By Trump’s Travel Ban

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Published on March 10, 2017

‘Superior Donuts’ star Maz Jobrani explains the Iranian American experience under President Trump and how he described the travel ban to his children.

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  • Almar Albaran 8 months ago

    I love Maz. He’s so funny….

  • Ali Nourani 8 months ago

    Maz Jobrani is a stellar comedian, but I have to mention this just for the sake of education haha. Judaism is the oldest of monotheistic religions, however Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion to incorporate the concept of dualism(divine/demonic beings as well as inherent good/inherent evil). Still a homie though Maz

  • Nikan Zare 8 months ago

    I know you are reading this maz.. great work 😉

  • Isaac Zetino 8 months ago

    I like this guy

  • Jay Torraso 8 months ago

    We need a president that is not a DUMPSTER FIRE…please, anyone: Dem or REPUB…or a sea creature… anything!

  • Indrajeet Kamat 8 months ago

    Maz the man!

  • m0L3ify 8 months ago

    Maz is the best!

  • Surya 8 months ago

    zarathusthura founded zoroastrian religion…

  • Shahriar Bigdeli 8 months ago

    Eid shoma ham mobarak Stephen…:)

  • Brouhaha Ma 8 months ago

    Maz gave a great interview, loved it! Ya know what else I love: how Stephen hosts his interviews. He’s super witty and smart and always saves the day with awkward guests, but he’s got no problem pulling all the way back to let someone else have the spotlight when they’re on a roll… like no interrupting a good thing, like soooo many other tv hosts with too big an ego to let someone else talk for a bit. One of the best interviewers on the screen today! <3

  • think03 allyear 8 months ago

    so Maz is on heroin. ..nice to know

  • Abdul Gemayyel 8 months ago

    I am an Arab but I have to say it, Persian language is the french of the middle east ♥ one of the most romantic languages out there!

  • Alvicbar 8 months ago

    This guy actually seems down to earth

  • nocalsteve 8 months ago

    Trump just tweeted that he’s banning all Iranians and Iraqis because he heard they are all Cocaine and Heroin addicts.

  • shima shahadifar 8 months ago

    awww that EYD SHOMA MOBARAK was sooooooooooo cute

  • MahMah 8 months ago

    Always funny Maz, great job!

  • Harmony Shimer 8 months ago

    It’s oddly satisfying to see Stephen Speak Farsi =]]
    Keep living the good life Mazyar <3

  • Rolland Ibrahim 8 months ago

    “That’s the best Hollywood can do, man.” LOL.

  • Rod Jubair 8 months ago

    I’m Iraqi and I approve this message.


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