Mayor Pete Takes Heat Over Dinner Held In A Billionaire’s Wine Cave

Published on December 18, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign traded jabs with the Bernie Sanders campaign after photos leaked showing the young Mayor dining with big money donors in an exclusive “wine cave” in Napa, California. #Colbert #Monologue #LSSC

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  • Nadya 1 year ago

    Kids, your mission is to convert an oldie to vote for Bernie.

  • noel hutchins 1 year ago

    will people have to riot violently on one block and peacefully on another to divide the counter protesters in DC when the impeachments biased verdict is released by repubs?

  • maremacd 1 year ago

    Are Stephen and the Late Show staff ignorant of the great benefits of psychedelic therapies, proven by studies conducted at leading research hospitals throughout the country? I’m sure Yang is in the know.

    Also, while I can understand why many may be put off by the lavish Buttigieg fundraiser, ppl should remember he drives a Chevy Cruze and has less personal wealth than any other candidate.

  • MarleeSky 1 year ago

    #Yang2020 !!

  • Rick Rick 1 year ago

    Pete can take the Hershey highway

  • Steve Brooks 1 year ago

    Feeling the Bern on My Yang 2020 ?

  • Ricky 1 year ago

    anybody remember mitt romney’s 42%?

  • Enlightened Rod 1 year ago

    LOL! God, I love Bernies genuine disgust for financial influence in politics & Corporate Democrats.

    I am upset with Mayor Pete though. When he arrived on the primary ticket I really respected him. An openly gay, military veteran, with an enlightened understanding for self-improving knowledge, with what APPEARED to be an honorable drive towards a clean political future. That said, I wouldn’t vote for him in THIS election for a Presidential bid, but I had great expectations for him as a future asset to the new generation of Democrats. Unfortunately, he’s throwing all that potential away and for exactly why I have no idea. He seemed smarter than this.

    Earlier last month when he suddenly surged in Iowa I thought it was because he was focusing on Iowa to learn the ropes about grass-roots campaigning, I still didn’t and don’t see him as a threat to the big 2 & a Half. Then last week I caught a glimpse of some controversy when a journalist was pressuring him to confirm a date his campaign would be releasing records of closed-door fundraising. I was stunned! I couldn’t believe Mayor Pete was enticed to the dark side of politics! And now he’s openly embracing his Sith Lords?? BAD Pete! BAD! I thought you understood you never really had a chance to win the democratic primary. As smart as you are, do you not care what Corporate lobbying and dark money have done to our Government?

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 1 year ago

    Bernie is a man of the people

  • ayahuasca ayahuasca 1 year ago

    Psilocybin mushrooms can save lives.
    The only reason they are not widely used is because they were banned because of the prejudice against anything out of the ordinary.

    Also, #Bernie2020

  • Guido Arce 1 year ago

    wait what!!!! YANG 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ouch my nuckin futz 1 year ago

    dang why ya gotta do yang like that

  • Shay Shi 1 year ago

    at least Pete Buttigieg uses the money to defeat Trump, unlike Bernie Sanders who uses his time&resources to buy 3 houses??

  • Greg Helton 1 year ago

    Actually study after study shows mushrooms in the proper dosage helps with mental ailments. Yang wants to decriminalize , de-stigmatize drugs that don’t harm people. Of course the drug industry is against that.

  • Toni Laine 1 year ago

    You can make fun of psilocybin, but it could save lifes. There is actual science backing the claim. Depression is an epidemic, and it’s killing a lot of people.

  • Nelson Favedra 1 year ago

    Yang listens to what makes sense.

  • awdrifter3 1 year ago

    Free shrooms dividend? #yanggang

  • Andrew Skipsey 1 year ago

    Pete should just drop out already.

  • KAIJU MECHA 1 year ago

    Mayor Pete is not gonna be the president, especially when he just starts to taste the real power!


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