Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Unsure the Mueller Report Will Change Anything

Published on April 19, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about the Mueller Report, serving in the Military, and rallying Democratic voters for the 2020 election.

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  • Mo S 12 months ago


  • Adam MS 12 months ago

    I was first for Beto coz COME ON, he was impressive, but Kamala Harris decided to run and SHE IS AMAZING so I went for her, I’ve donated for both campaigns but then… Mayor Pete showed up at the CNN Town Hall and then I watched him on Bill Maher after that I realized I’ve never believed in any politicians the way I believe in this young man, genuinely.

    He’s like the real-life version of “Aaron Sorkin presidency” in ‘The West Wing.’ He stands pretty much the same on every major issues as the rest of the candidates do. EXCEPT he embraces capitalism and is willing to make it more democratic instead of turning into socialism (we can expect to see more specific policies in the upcoming months, coz he’s still on his “intorduction tour” now, coz he’s literally a nobody and it’s still April).

    Not to mention his “biography,” and his calmness and overall mental outlook. He’s willing to engage in a healthy discussion, not gonna give the answers that u want to hear without alienating you AS BAD if you’re wrong or disagree with him, and also wants to listen and learn from his mistakes. He’s come across as a HEALER instead of an ANGRY REVOLUTIONARY WARRIOR, and boy, after Trump has divided America, isn’t THAT exactly what wee need from a leader? ??? #PeteForAmerica

  • William Cortelyou 12 months ago

    Pete or Bernie.
    Still hoping Bernie, but I’m glad we have another guy who has substance to him. Be awesome if Bernie won, and made Pete VP.

  • Grant Tobgo 12 months ago

    Here comes the corporate push for Pete Buttigieg….

    How about a candidate whos beliefs better aligns with the population?

    Tulsi actually stands for something

  • Grant Tobgo 12 months ago

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020

  • C-Core 12 months ago

    Smart guy, he’s got my vote! We need someone intelligent in the the White House again.

  • emmess 95 12 months ago

    What an articulate and well spoken guy. But then again after trump everybody seems that way

  • enchasser person 12 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for this video. Yey….. Definitely voting for him.

  • Ozghicman 12 months ago

    Please interview Marianne Williamson ❤️

  • Nate Hoffman 12 months ago

    Bernie, then Tulsi, then Warren, then Pete. In that order. The media loves this guy which immediately makes me skeptical.

  • M Mlasovic 12 months ago

    You can tell Pete is being himself, he’s not trying to get attention by jumping on tables or getting his team to make hitpieces on others. And that’s part of his appeal & growing popularity.

  • Genevieve 12 months ago

    I love how he calls out the religious right on their hypocrisy and utter bullshit ?

  • timbe martin 12 months ago

    All platitudes, no substance.

  • Heads Tails 12 months ago

    Buttigieg is the chosen candidate by the DCCC, Look into who he is, what he has done.

    Watch this take down before you make up your mind;

  • william wan 12 months ago

    Is surprising how people by just acting decent could be taken as a FU to Trump…

  • dafttool 12 months ago

    *Buttigieg, the complete antithesis to Donald “I’m fucked” Trump ?*

  • Beef Pho 12 months ago

    I’ll sure Pete is a nice guy, but damn in all of my years I haven’t seen a a candidate that is artificially propped up more than Buttigieg. Meanwhile, they are putting out negative after negative articles on The Real People Champ Bernie Sanders. Pete is even in those behind the scenes meetings to stop Bernie. Corporate Dems still don’t learn.

  • littlewingedzebra 12 months ago

    never before have i been older than a person running for president. what an incredible feeling. also, how nice is it to listen to a person speak in coherent and intelligent sentences?

  • Brandon Keating 12 months ago

    Lol without medicare for all he’s just a shill being propped up by corporations. And to get m4a he needs to raise taxes on *gasp* the rich and corporations, so guess why he won’t touch that issue ?

  • Pari Wescott 12 months ago

    Mayor Pete is brilliant! His intelligence is amazing. He is forward thinking and exactly what our country need. He has my vote!


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