Maya Erskine & Anna Konkle on Using Embarrassing Stories from Their Lives for PEN15

Published on December 2, 2021

Anna and Maya talk about using stories from their real lives for their show “PEN15,” Maya’s mom becoming a major part of it, and knowing everything about each other.


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  • Galactic Fanatic 7 months ago


  • Rishiaman2 7 months ago

    thumbnail change

  • Leanne Vande Kew 7 months ago

    My parents’ whole bedroom was forbidden as a child.
    When I was 16, she called me on the telephone and told me to go into the bedroom to get a document.
    I opened the wrong drawer; it was filled with dozens of bottles of Hypnotique perfume, unopened, that I bought her for Mothers Day and her birthdays.

  • V.F.B. 7 months ago

    I love this show. One of the best comedies right now. Brilliant and hilarious

  • Koral Davis 7 months ago

    Those two are so cute and adorable. I hope those two find more work real soon

  • Dishonest Track6 7 months ago

    The title was very misleading in my mind.

  • David Glenn 7 months ago

    Is Maya related to the doctor that gave Steve Rogers his superpowers?

  • Catherine 7 months ago

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