Max Brooks Reveals the Mel Brooks Memorabilia He Uses All the Time



  • big show 12 months ago

    Zombies are real ,jus look at all Tha Obama bot drones in dis world

  • New Message 12 months ago

    I have to get one of those chairs for the office… Then I could shout that ‘I’m surrounded by assholes!’ and have a much better explanation for HR.

  • يمني مطنوخ 12 months ago


  • Don Felipe 12 months ago

    Max Brooks the hollywood sellout. Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z were good books with a lot of world building, the film World War Z (or Brad Pitt Saves the world) was one of the worst adaptations of a book I’ve ever seen, shame on him for being executive producer.

  • Memorandom 12 months ago

    Should have given this guy Dax “Waste of Space” Shepard’s 8 minutes. Or just had 8 minutes of dead silence instead of Dax Shepard.

  • Adam Carlson 12 months ago

    What was up with his Trump-length tie?

  • cesnapilot 12 months ago

    Video is incorrectly named. I clicked it thinking there was going to be a bunch of items mentioned. Memorabilia is plural, yet all he revealed was the chair. Title should include either “memorabile” – singlular of “memorabilia” – or “piece of memorabilia”.

  • jimbo jones 12 months ago

    When I was in Amsterdam, I saw a couple with their young boy and they were window shopping a coffee shop/bong and pipe store and I overheard him ask his mom and dad if he could have a sucker. That’s when they decided to move along.


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