Matthew McConaughey: Greenlights | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 23, 2020

Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actor Matthew McConaughey joins Bill to discuss his new book, “Greenlights,” and his mysterious kinship with Woody Harrelson.

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  • Zobeth C 1 month ago

    When he talks like this I always draw back to my favorite performance of his career as the priest in Contact. Such a beautiful movie and his character portrayal was before its time. He’s such a lovely person.

  • Roland Gaines 1 month ago

    Mr. Matthew if you ever get to whisper in Eli’s ear ELON please propose that we get in touch with mayor Sylvester and put some solar panels on that astronauts astro dome. Get you up in a cyber truck keep Austin weird. I like your work don’t stop.

  • Mai Mariarti 1 month ago

    He too will find more questions than answers when he becomes older and wiser.
    However be prepared! Knowledge brings sadness if you veer far from the light of enlightenment.
    Our reality has been created so God can exist, live and experience life from all angles.
    All life shares the same built-in desire to “not-die”. Who put that bit of code in every living thing?
    Who put the love, music, art, … in our minds?
    Why is there something, where there should be nothing? Not even space should exist, but here we are!
    It all comes down to relativity. “There can’t be one, without the other.”
    God, would be a God of what, if nothing existed? Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. Just like real life.
    This infinite universe, is God! Everything is a part of him.

    Over and out.

  • Cyphruss 1 month ago

    The fact that Bill Maher somehow manages to remain alive is quite amazing when you think about it.

  • enragedenglish 1 month ago

    Woody harrelson is the brother from another mother

  • Liza Rossellini 1 month ago

    Sweet testimony inspiration. Your The Dude yo! I go to lifelong Reccovery My Highest Power bc it keeps me away from addictions and dysfunctionality. I love jokes about are you sure your my sibling bc we look nothing alike! haha!! But, i look like my siblings luckily. haha!

  • Mai Mariarti 1 month ago

    Going on every TV show you possibly can in one week, creates its own green lights too…

  • carolyn regan 1 month ago

    No denial…great actor but after hearing him interviewed by Howard Stern he appears to be a somewhat flawed individual.

  • C 1 month ago

    What a loser


    Mathew with glasses looks like the chick on tinder that you’re not sure you wanna hang out with… she seems nice and nerdy but not hot enough

  • Proplex Osha 1 month ago

    Was just on Joe Rogan podcast…Love when they hit all the media outlets…Team work lmao🤣😂

  • ze 1 month ago

    Greenlightin’ toobin’!

  • l S 1 month ago

    Him and them bongo drums. The world forgot all of that nowadays. Interstellar was a superb film.

  • rolanddes 1 month ago

    True Detective is in my Top 5 All Time Best Movies Tv Show etc everything.

  • TidalWaver 1 month ago

    Matthew McConaghey has a terrible accent.

  • Tim Mill 1 month ago

    He also told Californias fleeing to Austin, not to ruin it like they did Cali.

  • Jay Luck 1 month ago

    Given their relative timelines, wouldn’t Wooderson and “The Dude” be about the same age?

    If we could somehow link them together in the same cinematic universe, Wooderson could take Donny’s place on the bowling team in a Big Lebowski sequel!

  • Brian Meaker 1 month ago

    Matthew, classiest man in Hollywood. Give this man a Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired 1 month ago

    Oh No! What happened to McConaughey….he lost the shampoo??? Yuck! Take a bath.


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