Matt Gaetz scandal attracts Dumb X-Files

Published on April 12, 2021

Congressman Matt Gaetz’s defense against sex trafficking allegations draws attention from two very dumb X-Files investigators.

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Clip air date 4/12/2021

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  • Derek Ho 2013's 3 years ago

    Matt GAETZ x files new

  • Joel Henderson 3 years ago

    I wish I could subscribe to Colbert LS without getting this dreck in my feed. Are there people who find this clever? Have they suffered head trauma?

  • Sarah Messer 3 years ago

    Thanks for making the news a sweet pill that makes the jagged edges is so much easier to choke down

  • Terry Kane 3 years ago

    Qanon told us about pedophile rings inside of pizza parlors and they gave this scumbag Gaetz a pass. Imagine that?

  • Jo Mo 3 years ago

    Serves him right for his perpetuated lies and propaganda haha guilty till proven innocent haha hypocrite

  • Like Bot 3 years ago

    I find it oddly disturbing that Gaetz could be a worse human being than I already knew – and that was just his politics that made me hurk. … the disgusting pile of detritus.

  • lauryn kate 3 years ago

    You missed the part where he misquoted Mary Thatcher in such an ironic way 1 couldn’t believe had they not heard the words out his potato “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, HIRE a woman”

  • ONE DAY 3 years ago

    GaetX-Files !!

  • crovax 13 3 years ago

    I guess these kinds of accusations are harder to make disappear than coke addled DUI charges

  • Doug Ohaver 3 years ago

    This has been a paid advertisement from the Paramount Network.

  • HarlequinTiefling 3 years ago

    “I WAS BEING EXTORTED!”. Uh did you mean blackmailed? Possibly for something being discussed currently?

  • Sparky's Space 3 years ago

    “The truth is out there.”
    Bet Matt Gaetz has to wear a diaper at all times, just to be sure.

  • Gary Sinnott 3 years ago

    Cut price 3rd rate -Max Headroom- Matt Gaetz – never seen someone so full of himself before but with so little to offer. He’s in politics for fun and ego inflating and not much else. What’s his life going to be like when daddy isn’t there to bail him out of trouble anymore?

  • Mary Ann M 3 years ago

    Poor Nestor lol

  • mary jones 3 years ago

    lol, perfect choice! ty lssc fam!

  • Bob Courtier 3 years ago

    The personification of the epitome of sleaze.

  • Humble Life 3 years ago

    Remember when Colbert called President Trump a cock holster on national television? That was a good one!

  • Lindalee Law 3 years ago

    Face work. Botox browse and a chin.
    Why aren’t we hearing from daddy G or mommy G or the bimbos who let him touch them?

  • directfunebru 3 years ago

    White women in America are super racist, even if they get molested by Gaetz.

  • Flame Beats 3 years ago

    I started hearing his voice at the beginning and thought it was fake at first. I guess he just sounds like that.

  • Michael Dearnley 3 years ago

    Is his plea that he should be trusted because of all of those flags behind him?

  • Hope Rock 3 years ago

    Q-Anon aldges that senators are all trafficking children for sex and yet when someone is caught doing it they think that it’s a lie.


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