Mary Trump Is Pretty Sure Donald Trump Failed His Cognitive Test

Published on July 23, 2020

President Trump’s niece Mary Trump, author of the new book “Too Much and Never Enough,” notes that the cognitive test her uncle keeps bragging about isn’t a test of smarts, it’s a test typically administered to screen for the onset of dementia. #StephenAtHome #TooMuchandNeverEnough #MaryTrump

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  • Joe Hackney 2 years ago

    Trump just refused to finish the test since he knew he would fail.

  • Roof1975 2 years ago

    Finally a Trump I like… Lol
    She’s not an idiot either.

  • BillHK 2 years ago

    Sorry, this continual fantasy of DJT being the most important or powerful person on the planet is just such a big farce. One could argue that his boss Vlad is much more powerful, or his buddy Xi is also more powerful. Both have almost limitless terms. Vlad has just as many Nukes, and an even more active military. Xi has what is at this time a bigger economy and 100 Million members in his political party. Ruling over 1.4Billion people. Trump can barely muster 500 paramilitary troops into Portland. Xi could march 100,000 into any city in China at a moment’s notice.

  • David Mathias 2 years ago

    At this time, with everything we know and have seen in this criminal presidency, anyone still supporting Trump is just as criminal and ignorant.  No one person…NO ONE PERSON has done more damage and killed more Americans than Donald J. Trump.

  • Logic Total War 2 years ago


  • OG_Dacs 2 years ago

    Of course he did.

  • Sherri Stensing 2 years ago

    Stop murdering us t Rump. Remember Charlottesville, Virginia?

  • Chris Cairns 2 years ago

    He can name 5 objects, drink water with one hand and walk down a ramp! Is there nothing he can’t do?? Give the guy a break!!

  • Tony Ramos 2 years ago

    I think she is very Attractive, i like her smile for some reason!!! Nice Mary!!

  • Jason Gent 2 years ago

    “For the first two years, I would have this moment every day where I would remember, and I was horrified all over again.”

    …really? Two years?


  • Sajiv Kuruvilla 2 years ago

    Who knew there was a Trump who was capable of coherent thoughts and words, in addition to being articulate, sane, decent and intelligent. Really goes to show how warped the Trump family is when THIS ONE is the outcast…

  • d r 2 years ago

    CultTrump! NUTS=VOTE

  • Jerry Smith 2 years ago

    For Trump to brag about taking a cognitive rest that a 1st grader could past tell me all I need to know.

  • Ann Carroll 2 years ago

    Mr. Colbert, let her answer. You keep interrupting!

  • Jamie Flener 2 years ago

    I believe her!

  • E Reyn 2 years ago

    So true. My mother also told anyone and everyone, even complete strangers, that she did excellent on her cognitive test. She actually failed it twice badly and was formally diagnosed with moderate to severe dementia and early alzheimers this March.

  • chetthehoss 2 years ago

    Come on Colbert, really? Bragging about passing the test is one of the ways of failing the test? Bragging about passing the test would simply be a testament to how narcissistic he is. It has nothing to do with indications of the onset of dementia. Don’t be so damn misleading. I’m a liberal and that’s not the kind of BS that’s needed right now. Of course, we didn’t need to laugh off everything he’s done for the past four years either. You’ve done nothing but help to normalize this guy’s behaviour. God help you all if you don’t legitimately vote him out, and then likely have to remove him physically by force because he’s a whiny little bitch when he loses.

  • Mr. Test 2 years ago

    Will everyone vote for trump? Just question!

  • John Hogan 2 years ago

    The book is well worth a read or listen. I think it’s low level autism with a splash of personality disorders in both Fred and gam. Then the mixture of genetics and how


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