Mary McCormack & Jimmy Kimmel Love Power Washing

Published on January 9, 2019

Mary talks about her love of receiving practical gifts like vacuums and power washers, and playing a mom to 8 sons on her new ABC show ‘The Kids Are Alright.’

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  • Berta Griese 1 year ago

    It’s not sanitary with the Dyson as people don’t thoroughly wash their hands and bacteria are blown into the room.

  • Sir Monte Carlo 1 year ago

    I love power washing. It produces an enormous sense of satisfaction as you wash away the filth and detritus.

  • Mike Nunyabizness 1 year ago

    Haven’t seen in her years, she got big.

  • Moist Gnome 1 year ago

    Oh man what happened to her? She was such a beautiful woman and she ruined it with that horrible plastic surgery. Ladies, a word of advice, just age gracefully. Looking like an emotionless mannequin is not attractive.

  • John Wisniewski 1 year ago

    She is interesting

  • New Message 1 year ago

    I’ll always love this lady if for no other reason than that she gave Craig Ferguson his famous rattlesnake mug.


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