Mary Mack Needs A Man-Sized Mound Of Mashed Potatoes – CONAN on TBS

Published on March 13, 2018

Mary wants to crawl inside a mound of mashed potatoes and wait out the Trump presidency.

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  • El Dúderínò 1 week ago


  • El Dúderínò 1 week ago

    Finally I’m first somewhere!!!
    Girlfriend laughing in the background!
    Who am I kidding I don’t have a girlfriend

  • Jason Belle 1 week ago

    Absolutely brilliant set. She reminds me of Maria Bamford but with less voices and bits.

  • ttarkA113 1 week ago

    She never topped her opening “I’m from the forest” line, but still pretty good. Potential for sure.

  • Floppy Bird 1 week ago

    best part of this “stand up” was her V O I C E
    that was freaking funny

  • Gary Turbo 1 week ago

    She seems like a prude

  • Eduardo Blancarte 1 week ago

    Shes like Maria Bamfords long lost cousin that lives in the forest that everyone forgot about playing hide and seek for a week.

  • Turner D Century 1 week ago

    Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack all dressed in…

  • Brouhaha Ma 1 week ago

    So cringy. She’s relating to like two people while insulting the rest of the US population. So unaware at how mean and privileged she’s accidentally sounding. I don’t mean insulting is a bad thing. Insults are hilarious. She’s just coming from a better than you place, and that’s what makes it so cringy. People love to laugh at themselves, not be reminded how privileged you are while you tell them to wipe their tears with tater tots. But, good luck.

  • clairyfaerie 1 week ago

    Idek what this video is about but i agree with the title on so many levels

  • Ahsan Zaman 1 week ago

    She reminds me of some kind of little bird :/

  • Sam Peaches 1 week ago

    She’s not funny imo, sorry.

  • mobspeak 1 week ago

    I bet she’s a serial killer.

  • IHaggs07 1 week ago

    That was so strange seeing Conan sitting there in the dark. That’s the first time I’ve seen the camera pan to him during these stand up clips.


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