Mary Frances Berry – “History Teaches Us to Resist” and the Power of Protest | The Daily Show

Published on January 27, 2020

Historian Mary Frances Berry explains the biggest misconception about Martin Luther King Jr. and why it’s important to mobilize people to protest for their beliefs. #TheDailyShow #MaryFrancesBerry #HistoryTeachesUsToResist



  • Zahin Shahazad 2 years ago

    *When Nelson Mandela becomes a women*

  • Rogueles 2 years ago

    What a beautiful soul.

  • Simon Arevalo Chavez 2 years ago

    Unbelievable how Trevor didn’t win at the Grammy’s
    Best comedian out there

  • Yh Ong 2 years ago

    History teaches us to resist
    the temptation to type “first”

    You can’t all be first…D#%ass

  • Christine Boone 2 years ago


  • Carol Adgerson 2 years ago

    Dr. Berry was my professor and Divisional Provost at the University of Maryland. She was and continues to be one of the people I admire most. Ordering her book ASAP.

  • ? blood honey 2 years ago

    Wow, a Mary Berry I can enjoy watching!

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12 2 years ago

    FFF picked up that torch worldwide, and it has just begun.

  • Grímnir 2 years ago

    Just like Trevor Noah may or may not deliver excellent segments unless we keep him honest

    Cmon folks, the man’s counting on all of us

  • seanspawn 2 years ago

    The GOP are proof that democracy is shit. They are so evil and dishonest their laws and suggestions cause human pain and death. Fuck them, fuck them all. Bernie 2020 or

  • mary jones 2 years ago

    beautifully said, ty ms berry and mr noah. and oh so true.

  • Danny's Serdynskis 2 years ago

    YouTube and all its employees along with the CEO of Susie Susie w Lady they should be assassinated assassinated assassinated CEO employees assassinated constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist they all know it constitutional terrorist constitutional jerez they all know it there constitutional terrorist their constitutional terrorist they all know it they all should be assassinated…

    Terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist employees of YouTube employees of YouTube terrorist terrorist terrorist they all knew it you don’t know it they all know it constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist terrorist terrorist constitutional Terrorist YouTube constitutional YouTube constitutional Terrorist YouTube constitutional terrorist will notify Congress will notify Congress will load up by Congress will get it into the mainstream will get it into the mainstream will get it into the mainstream news news news news term term term YouTube Susie CEO Susie CEO Susie CEO YouTube YouTube employs employs constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy

  • Alexus Bell 2 years ago

    Love her

  • Tammie Broggins 2 years ago

    Why has every one forgot the Native Americans. Do you realize in a few more generations we will be a memory if people don’t start doing something

  • Betzy 2 years ago

    Hmmm I disagree with social media is not a movement it’s made protests which moved politicians

  • MoralesFamilyRez 2 years ago

    “Putting something out on Twitter is NOT a movement” – Dr Mary Frances Berry. ????????

  • gary pofahl 2 years ago

    Protests and voting go hand in hand. People have become do nothing slugs. “. I’m comfy,let someone else do the heavy lifting” .

  • Gitanagurl 2 years ago

    When you don’t live in inequality, you blame on everything being political. It’s not just politics, it’s the state of mind of all people. If people don’t change their state of mind, they will vote for people that resemble them. This is a selfish move for the rest who do not think or live in the same manor. While we have the majority with their views, minorities will continue to be left out and keep living the way the majority want us to live. Oppression is still an ongoing subliminal power happening daily. Whether or not she votes for Burnie, who cares? She has a point that not many will understand which is not political but cultural in nature. But go blame Burnie. 9 dislikes… ask them why?

  • Luffy3D2Y 2 years ago

    How can there be so many wonderful people like her exist and at the same time have a president that thinks he is the best in everything… What is wrong with you, USA?

  • Cheyenne Hewitt 2 years ago

    None violent protest and marches !


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