Martin Lawrence Reminisces on Snoop Dogg Making His Television Debut on Martin | The Tonight Show

Published on June 28, 2022

Martin Lawrence talks about creating his iconic sitcom Martin 30 years ago, discusses Snoop Dogg, Jackie Chan and Tracy Morgan’s cameos on the show and puts his Martin sitcom knowledge to the test.

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  • Andre3000fan 123456 9 months ago

    Comedic legend🤎🤎

  • Kiley Ohl 9 months ago

    You go boyyyyy! 😘

  • Mcspanki Cage 9 months ago

    God, Jimmy Fallon sucks

  • Justin Talks Film 9 months ago

    Martin is one of the great comedy shows. Up there with Sanford and Son and I Love Lucy.

  • Vigilante Villa 9 months ago

    The name of the club WASN’T censored! RESPECT for the show !

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 9 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon Martin lawrence what’s the worst that could happen awesomeness job interview

  • _wildhaert 9 months ago

    His glasses still getting foggy! 😅 #GOAT

  • Michael Jacksin 9 months ago

    both nbc late night drummers can do a Michael Jackson just sayin

  • Shorezee 9 months ago


  • Lola 💬 9 months ago

    Gina !!

  • Shelton Alexander 9 months ago

    Ii think I’m briefly checking in on a MTV2 Martin marathon but end up losing half of my morning.

  • pakcokok88 9 months ago

    Martin Rock!!!

  • Iron Fan 9 months ago

    Martin was part of my childhood, man. Dude was SOOOO flippin hilarious.
    I feel he still is. I want to see him in some new comedy stuff; I bet him and Tiff Hadd. would be a FANTASTIC pair :>

  • Mariah Gunn 9 months ago

    Loved this

  • Philoctetes 9 months ago

    I wish I could get over his SNL hosting tragedy; but to watch a man I thought was a good guy devolve before my eyes into a hateful, cruel misogynist was too much. I do not recall an apology for that. It was so disgusting, so vulgar, that the episode has never re-run. I have tried to find it, to show it to incredulous people, but it is gone. Lorne Michaels made sure it vanished. To be clear: he started out well, but his jokes did not land as well as he had hoped, and it got worse quick. There came a point when no one laughed. His eyes shifted: I saw ruin coming. He assaulted the very flesh of a woman’s most private body part. He assaulted the exterior, the interior, and any pretense at belief that a woman’s contribution to life is sacred. That man is a monster—I do not care how many times he invokes his wife or daughter—for that alone, he should be deeply ashamed.

  • David Ogden 9 months ago

    That was just a really good, entertaining interview 🤓👍

  • OutLiar punx 9 months ago

    respect martin lawrence!!!!! love ya…..ggggoooooosssssssffrrrraaaaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Disney65Fan 9 months ago

    I barely recognised Martin Lawrence. Funny actor


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