Martin Freeman Can Spot “Hobbit,” “Sherlock,” And “Office” Fans Before They Ever Say A Word

Published on March 17, 2021

Martin Freeman, who has starred in “The Office,” “Sherlock,” and “The Hobbit,” gets stopped by admirers often enough that he can tell which fandom they belong to from a block away. Check out Martin’s work in the new season of “Breeders” on FX. #Colbert #MartinFreeman #BreedersFX

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  • 1andonlytoonkid 10 months ago

    2:28 Rhythm guitar? George Harrison? Wth? No no no. Lmao🤦omg. George played the lead guitar.

  • something64 10 months ago

    im 30 and i would run toward him for The Office (UK) and The Hobbit.

  • Toot 10 months ago

    I just finished Fargo S1 & S2 a few days ago. About to start S3.

  • TINA ARABIA 10 months ago

    Martin is a handsome daddy style, yummy 😋

  • Brad Carpenter 10 months ago

    He didn’t mention fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Jase Boon 10 months ago

    BIG TRAIN FAN 1st!!! lol

  • John Knight 10 months ago

    If you haven’t seen it check out Micro Men, which is on YouTube (illegally I think), and as far as I can tell nowhere else. One of my favourite films of all time and very easy to watch.

  • A Wee Scots Dog 10 months ago

    Taking Back Control (aka The Con Trolls of Muddle Earth) By Jake Har de Har Troll-Keen-On.

    The Tories always love law and order
    But now want to recant on the border
    They don’t want to patrol
    Tariffs are the Con’s toll
    So instead turn Ulster into Mordor

    With their slogans “they’ll take back control”
    See just how all these trolly cons troll
    All this cash they’ll invest
    “In good ‘ol NHS”
    As Hancock helps his chums to bank roll

    Private empires with most everything
    Caves of riches, and huge piles of bling
    Let sleeping dragons lie
    These entrepreneurs fly
    Look there’s Mogg, and the Lord of the ring

    Frost, he’s with a nasty wee gobbet
    Of sleight, known as Govey (the hobbit)
    Who’s precious grenade
    Is entirely man-made
    But Gove, he’s elfish, so he’ll lob it

    And now with the old country on fire
    They will writhe and squirm, tongues of a liar
    Are forked. Will lounge lizard
    Boris the white, fizz hard?
    Holding power so hot he will expire!

    And now Bullingdon fellowship blather
    Is all over, this seven times father
    Being sour on schism, eagle-
    Eyed, spots bills illegal
    To take back control – scorched lands we gather

  • Joe Blow 10 months ago

    holy crap batman big deal

  • Jon Poon 10 months ago

    I will always identify him with Love Actually

  • Brother Dog 10 months ago

    What about “Hitcherhiker’s Guideto the Galaxy”?

  • Kingsley 10 months ago

    The Liverpool accent is perculiar and distinct.

  • DestructableMe 10 months ago

    The riddles in the dark scene with the guys from black panther is still fire. ; )

  • John 10 months ago

    Tim Canterbury > Jim Halpert

  • Amber D. 10 months ago

    Sherlock all the way!!

  • jo b 10 months ago

    Lester Nygaard

  • Oh_Poor_Damaged_Me Patrick 10 months ago

    What about hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy fans…

  • speedhump231 10 months ago

    What about Star Trek fans?

  • Addie Alexander 10 months ago

    My favorite Martin Freeman show was, “Hardware.”

  • Stories Not Stuff SNS 10 months ago

    Wonder what he’s filming in Liverpool?


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