Mark Ruffalo Joins Navajo Nation’s COVID-19 Fight

Published on May 9, 2020

Mark Ruffalo video chats with Jimmy about how he pulled off playing twins without CGI in the limited HBO series, I Know This Much Is True, and highlights the work Protect the Sacred is doing to support Navajo Nation elders and others most vulnerable to COVID-19.

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  • Josher H 6 months ago

    Mark is great. builds awareness and does what he can and more. if you have a extra bucks consider donating.

  • Iliana Rodríguez 6 months ago

    Bellísimo Mark Ruffalo ❤

  • TRUST ME I'M A NERD 6 months ago

    Mark looking healthier than ever

  • Tejidos Jecibel 6 months ago

  • New Message 6 months ago

    I’m half sure donnie only gave the money because he was scared that he wouldn’t like Mark when he’s mad.

  • Alya Yew 6 months ago

    It’s the Hulk!

  • Elizabeth Adams 6 months ago


  • Jelena Mitrovic 6 months ago


  • Aayush Silawat 6 months ago

    This made my day thank you 😇

  • h 6 months ago


  • Johannes Gale 6 months ago

    Hulk smash

  • Brianna Jones 6 months ago

    Mark Ruffalo! You helped us very much by speaking up for my people and explaining the world this whole pandemic we are having on the Navajo Nation. Much respect to you!👏🏼 Ahéhee’!!!

  • phatLAGGYrat 6 months ago

    Hi Mark

  • Fefe Kim 6 months ago

    I honestly feel the respect that Mark is giving us. I am a Navajo here on the reservation and I live a bit in the rural kind of area and even tho we are far out it still scares my family. In my community there is about 15-20 people who have been infected and we make sure to pray for them. And we also pray for our elders that are in our community and the rest of the reservation because of how much my generation still needs to learn from them. Songs, stories, prayers, and the way of traditional life is the things my generation need to pay more close attention to. Our ancestors once said to there kids who have past it down to us that once we loose all of our traditional ways we are gone. The Navajos would become myths. We don’t want that. So during this time of quarantine it would be fun and educational to learn from our elders while your at home. Learn a traditional food recipe from them, or listen about their stories from their childhood or stories that were told to them by their grandparents. It is time to regain what we shouldn’t loose. And I really do appreciate all of the celebrities helping our people out and the rest of our Native population. Ahe’héé.

  • Rickie Holiday 6 months ago

    Thank you Mark

  • GRASSFED CHARLIE 6 months ago


  • keeper of Dreams 6 months ago

    I became a Mark Ruffalo fan when I first saw him in Zodiac. His performance along with jake Gyllenhaal in that movie was phenomenal. A very good movie

  • Dio Brando 6 months ago

    Go green

  • Laila Bilqis 6 months ago

    I love you Mark!!!

  • Keith C. Rasmussen 6 months ago

    Very cool.


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