Mark Ruffalo Doesn’t Know If We Will See The Hulk Again In The MCU

Published on November 15, 2019

Mark Ruffalo, who plays a lawyer in the new movie “Dark Waters,” tells Stephen that he doesn’t know what the fate of the Hulk will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. #Colbert #MarkRuffalo #DarkWaters

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  • Beth Iversen 3 weeks ago

    Such a beautifully sweet man! So love him (and by him I mean both Mark and Stephen)

  • Nikki Lane 3 weeks ago

    Love Mark, what a great bloke xx

  • Brighton Babe 3 weeks ago

    We put so much pressure on the youngsters. Lets build up their real confidence in themselves and help them to learn to cope with a world of change.

  • Mohammed Shameer 3 weeks ago

    Right when he is endorsing Bernie, there it goes the media stops him and diverting to entertainment. No wonder why are in this state!

  • Kirk Emmery 3 weeks ago

    Sanders/Ruffalo 2020!!! ; )

  • Paul Soychak 3 weeks ago

    Yeah. Wow Mark. You rock. Made me cry.

  • jt 3 weeks ago

    Love, love, love me so Mark Ruffalo!!

  • Ali Vit 3 weeks ago

    Luv the Ruff

  • Marius Thefaker 3 weeks ago

    That’s it, no more Teflon cookware from now on! I’m going back to the asbestos coated pots and pans my mother used to use… at least I know THAT won’t kill me 😄

  • VideoVoid TV 3 weeks ago

    Mark is a man among men and a hero on and off the screen. Love this guy.

  • RJ 3 weeks ago

    They ruined the Hulk with the bad writing in end game. Some story arc.

  • Kristopher Ryan 3 weeks ago

    Aw this was fantastic. mark buffalo is great. I’m going to see that new movie of his for sure.

  • lisa gibson 3 weeks ago

    I luv Mark Ruffalo. We need the hulk back.

  • B Michael 3 weeks ago

    I love Mark Ruffalo but the Hulk was a waste of a character in the last couple Marvel movies. They sacrificed him being a badass for this personal arc that never actually paid off. But that isnt Mark’s fault. I guess.

  • glittery_cucumber 3 weeks ago

    Mark Ruffalo is a gift from the heavens above to help us through these troubling times

  • Anna-Clara Cloudlet 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like robb-a-lot^^

  • Robin Justice 3 weeks ago

    The Hulk supports Bernie Sanders everyone! Vote you don’t want to piss him off!

  • mimo1000mimo1000 3 weeks ago

    This guy makes me hate Hulk

  • Daniel Kindh 3 weeks ago

    mr Rob Alot sound like a nice guy

  • enriqueali 3 weeks ago

    His kid’s in boarding school?! Wonder how’s that playing out for the kid? You read so many horror stories emerging these days, even about the most prestigious and venerable ones…


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