Mark Leibovich – “Thank You For Your Servitude” & Trump’s Hold Over Republicans | The Daily Show

Published on November 9, 2022

“This is not another book about Donald Trump. This is a book about the party that enabled him, this is a book about the people who bow down to him, who could have stopped him and yet continue to underperform in elections, like they did last night.” The Atlantic staff writer and “Thank You For Your Servitude” bestselling author Mark Leibovich discusses what Republicans are saying privately about Trump after the GOP underperformed in the midterm elections and what the results mean for Democrats and President Joe Biden in 2024. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Sweet Hard-Biceps 11 months ago

    Trump’s hold on the Republican Party will come to an end as soon as he can’t influence enough voters anymore, which seems to be happening.

  • Cliff Onaike 11 months ago

    when is this guy leaving.. cant wait for him to leave, though its not like his replacement is going to be any better! I wish him well though.

  • Cathy Ledin 11 months ago

    Oh mylanta! Love this!

  • Eric Carlson 11 months ago

    They still haven’t made any moves to hold Trump accountable for his crimes.

  • D Lee 11 months ago

    The book sounds interesting (for a beach read, lol) will check it out on the big A

  • Michael Voy 11 months ago

    Trevor another great video interview!

  • Eric Carlson 11 months ago

    Trump revealed that the Republican Party is utterly devoid of character or moral backbone. If they walk away from Trump now, it is because he is costing them power, not because of his myriad crimes.

  • Mel L. 11 months ago

    Hey Trevor. Can you do an interview with Liz Chaney?

  • Leobest Bote 11 months ago

    There is another one who can beat Trump and he’s right in front of us

    Bernie Bernie Bernie

  • Devoncs 11 months ago

    He is. Biden is old. Democracy is not. Democrats are plenty available. Biden’s time has passed. He beat turnip in 2020. Change of the guard should be.. Buttigieg! Hail Buttigieg! All hail!

  • mahmga1 11 months ago

    Biden absolutely shouldn’t run again, he did what he said he would. Now let someone younger become the fresh face. Kamala would be a great choice, 1st female president, many others too.

  • Teannette Major 11 months ago

    The albatross T****

  • Jetta 11 months ago

    I thought Mutual of Omaha closed it’s business two years ago!

  • Mr. Joshua 11 months ago

    The reason Trump won the first time was because he was “genuine”(lol). Now Republicans are stuck because what are they supposed to do, go back to the Republicans that they admitted were two-faced liars who did nothing for them?

  • irtwiaos 11 months ago

    The smartest thing the GOP can do right now is to throw the book at Trump over his many ongoing investigations and essentially bar him from running in 2024.

    Might get some backlash in the near term but voters have short memory and they would have a chance in 2024 with reasonable adults instead of a definite clown car in 2 years.

  • 2RROC 11 months ago

    Wondering if the history books will give tdrump credit for strengthening (unwittingly, of course) the Democratic party…
    or just that he was responsible for the demise of the republicans…


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