Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Conspiracy Theories, In Song

Published on February 4, 2021

A helpful tune for any members of Congress who need a reminder… #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

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  • EMEN 1946 1 year ago

    If t**** loves her so much perhaps she’s angling to become his #4. She is just as dumb as he is.

  • h.l. aristoslies 1 year ago

    Brianna is freaking awesome. She’s one of my favorite talking heads. * I’m not sure if she’s a journalist or just a presenter and too lazy to look it up* .

  • Barnacle Felcher 1 year ago

    She is clearly highly educated, but only from the standpoint of someone who isn’t

  • Mike Hayes 1 year ago

    This is McCarthy spitting on the grave of officer Sicknick

  • Maryam Larijani 1 year ago

    Give her the dunce cap and send her back to Tampa!

  • Merc 015837 1 year ago

    yeah… but you’re the ones making her mainstream…

  • Frudu Boggins 1 year ago

    Now I’m gonna go watch Valerie by Amy Winehouse. ✌

  • JJ Flo 1 year ago

    GOP leaders are weak. #BlueWave coming.

  • N D 1 year ago

    I guess the one positive of Republican misogyny is that she won’t ever be a shot for the party’s presidential ticket. If she were a man, I’d be legit concerned about Greene in 2024

  • Dave Bartosh 1 year ago

    Let her keep going. She’ll provide endless material for late night comedians, and make her voters and the GOP the laughing stock of the world.

  • Mystiqueivy 1 year ago

    whats the name of the reporter at the beginning?

  • Mondo Shredder 1 year ago

    Q is very likely a small group of young computer hacks who are giggling at all hours of the night over all of the havoc they are wreaking with the U.S. right now, in between gaming sessions.
    Qaren, one of them might even be your own son. Wouldn’t that make you proud?

  • G-man 1 year ago

    Marge is a perfect addition to the Forrest Trump Team. FYI, tinfoil hats are 100% effective against Jewish space lasers. Conspiracy theories,….not so much.

  • ilhamrj 1 year ago

    THis is GOLD…..

  • Dr. Ricko 1 year ago

    How about harassing a massacre survivor for fighting for his safety?
    The republicans should slowly know that the whole world doesn’t want to deal with them in any way, because it is like making businessdeals with a 4year old that demands that the world works like she wants and not how reality works.

  • Brent Turpin 1 year ago

    Hey colbert your buddy Biden needs to be hospitalized immediately, the guy can’t even put a sentence together🤷‍♂️🤦

  • Nene Hyung 1 year ago

    Conspiracy theories of lunatics ..i cant believe people believe in QNuts with their conspiracy theories ,its crazy

  • Rick Fipps 1 year ago

    It’s a witch hunt alright and we just found the head witch!!!

  • Debbie Henri 1 year ago

    And we Brits thought we only had Mad Cow Disease over here.
    Apparently not…


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