Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines About Getting Heckled, DeSantis and Trump’s Bad Mojo & GOP Nuts Gather

Published on March 1, 2023

Women’s History Month is underway, our nation’s newscasters can’t believe it is March, CPAC is in full swing and they’ve got some great panels lined up, when you buy a ticket for $295 they make you sign a COVID waiver, Pence will not be in attendance, the bad mojo between Trump & DeSantis is heating up, we got some new intel on what went down at the FBI in the weeks leading up to the search and seizure at Mar-a-Lago, Marjorie Taylor Greene is still whining about being heckled at a restaurant last week, Laura Ingraham interviewed a parent from a town in Maine about some books his sons found at the school library, and Yehya gives his review of Avatar: The Way of Water.

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  • Regina Ornelas 3 months ago

    Maybe his son is not sure if he’s had a sexual or not and he’s trying to find out talk to you soon don’t come on TV like a dumbass

  • Rob Ledford 3 months ago

    Can we edit out the bullshit laughter from the crowd?

  • Sam Free 3 months ago

    God, I am so happy that happened to marge. She’s just lucky they weren’t carrying an AR-15.
    She’s a shameful human being.

  • Keith Morrison 3 months ago

    What happened to February 29th

  • roger peet 3 months ago

    MTG is still displeased about the Civil War (1861-65) just like her constituents

  • Dennis Elaban 3 months ago

    Gangrene is the Worst, Loudest Heckler Of All!!! She always needs to have people seeing, hearing her

  • BigBewtieHoles 3 months ago

    The whole montage of local news not being able to believe what month it is is getting old

  • Martin Healy 3 months ago

    I want to hang out with Yaya

  • Lolo Wilder 3 months ago

    California give us our snow back! Love, Colorado.

  • Theron Sunderland 3 months ago

    Yep. The best ever.

  • ron nelson 3 months ago

    *MAGA monkeys all gather at C- PAC Zoo, it was it was a glorious -MAGA event the salted peanuts and bananas were free at door*

  • Kevin 3 months ago

    the gazpacho police, she does make it easy

  • HH21 3 months ago

    Another piece of information for you Jimmy: Trump’s “great” friend, Bolsonaro, the Brazilian facist is in exile in Florida (Orlando). Even his “great” friend TRUMP, does not even receive him! In short, right-wing politicians know how to yell louder than others, but as soon as they feel the wind change, they run away like the cowards they are. We have the same in France.

  • Angel Garcia 3 months ago

    Jimmy…you are all “BEAUTIFUL”! With all the sense of humor, you all bring peace and laughter to our daily struggles !Thank you ..for keeping it real!

  • random Shit 3 months ago

    Sebastian Gorka is on salem news channel. I was just watching a video of some conservative religious freaks talking about witches putting spells on them.


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