Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Fauci Fired, Trump Slips into Obscurity & We Prank Aunt Chippy

Published on June 23, 2021

Escaped cows were on the loose in Los Angeles last night, the top Karen in Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced legislation called the “Fire Fauci” Act, Donald Trump is slipping into obscurity and while that is good for some of us, it’s creating financial strain for others, and since we haven’t been able to see Aunt Chippy in over a year, Jimmy and Cousin Sal invited her to stop by, but not before getting a very thorough medical exam first.


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  • Linda Harris 3 years ago

    To Gail Eastwood,
    Girl Marjorie T Greene should have been arrested. If any other ordinary person had suggested putting a bullet in someone’s head they would be serving Jail Time today! I wonder how she and all the rest of the Evil Republicans can escape prosecution for so long or forever!!

  • fisher king 3 years ago

    There must be a way we can introduce the: “fire MTG out of a cannon act”

  • Dissociated Women Incorporated 3 years ago

    Good on the cows!

  • Anne-Marie A 3 years ago

    As a veg, I am on the side of the animal cows. As far as the human cows, feed them to the wildlife.

  • Alan Walker 3 years ago

    Maggot Trail O Green slime! Classy!

  • umu oza 3 years ago

    This Aunt Chippy made me laugh and laugh uncontrollably with my eyes gushing water……hahahahahah’ what a prank…….Jimmy you a son of …………..hahahahahaha OMG!!! i love this ending so much !!!!!

  • molly cruz 3 years ago

    Trump has completely lost his mind. The “Big Lie” is that he was ever sane.

  • Barry Webber 3 years ago

    Taylor Greene displaying her breathtaking bigotry and ignorance yet again.

  • Goodluck Ijezie-Desbois, PharmD 3 years ago

    8:50 had me absolutely ROLLING in laughter.

  • kevin perez 3 years ago

    The finicky business mostly knit because stool tinctorially grate into a cumbersome museum. mellow, flashy dugout

  • Gara Pavlovic 3 years ago

    JK you should not insult cows ,by comparing them with this horrid woman !!!! They are smart and kind, unlike the Klan mum!

  • Tina Reutin 3 years ago

    Such meanies those cousins. Good on Aunt Chippie for playing along.

  • All about play 3 years ago

    Almost like the cows don’t like how they’ve been treated 😉

  • From Germany 3 years ago

    When I was young, I learned from b&w movies, that all Americans have total control over cattle.

  • WinLuBen 3 years ago

    I loved Aunt Tippy!!!!!

  • Priscilla Collins 3 years ago

    And you think its funny to to a mature woman like that? Do you have no respect for your Ailey in the cause of cheap laughs? I usually enjoy the show but that was cruel, and the audience sounded like they would enjoy public executions. Shame on you all.

  • Michael Bristow 3 years ago

    Go cows, go… LoL


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