Marina de Tavira & Yalitza Aparicio on Movie Roma

Published on December 20, 2018

Marina and Yalitza talk about starring in Roma directed by Alfonso Cuaron, being nominated for Golden Globes, Oscar buzz for the movie, Yalitza having never acted before and auditioning on a whim, and Guillermo translates for Yalitza.

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  • Haziq Rinal 1 year ago


  • floresiensis999 1 year ago

    Te queremos Cleo

  • FLIF 1 year ago

    ”Had you heard of Netflix?”

    Just wow…. Kimmel…..

  • john laborat 1 year ago

    Like For Guillermo. Such a sweet heart

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Earning two paychecks today, Guillermo.

  • Rais kais 1 year ago

    Guillerno, Whats that you try to give her while translating.?

  • Laura Salvatore 1 year ago

    What’s the name of the movie? He should’ve shown a little clip

  • MIKE J 1 year ago

    Yalitza aparicio I love you

  • Freddie P 1 year ago

    That Marina is actually a good looking woman.

  • annacoribioanna 1 year ago

    where can I see the whole episode please!

  • annacoribioanna 1 year ago

    Guillermo was not very good at translating….she needed a professional because she said more than he explained

  • Cez Infante 1 year ago

    I hope they really get nominated for the Oscars. One thing is for sure, many newborn girls will be named Yalitza from now on.

  • annacoribioanna 1 year ago

    Mexicans attacked her on social media because of her skin color and indigenous roots.
    Funny thing that Mexicans are often much more racist than Americans.
    When Americans go to Mexico they seek to know the indigenous groups, they see Mexico as a brown country and value the things that Mexicans eagerly want to hide away.
    To Americans and the world Yalitza is a “Mexican woman”, she looks like one, to Mexicans Yalitza is something to be hidden away because to them she’s
    ugly for her color, her height and her indigenous features.
    You will never see someone like Yatliza on a “telenovela” or any Mexican television… ever! yet Mexico is mostly a country
    with people like her.
    I love this movie and the courage of Alfonso Cuaron to show this part of Mexico to Mexicans, this is who you are and it
    needs to change. Stop complaining about Trump’s racist comments when you as a country denigrate your own
    people for their color and indigenous roots.

  • jalpasbeauty 1 year ago

    Que orgullo ver a Yalitza ahí ?

  • Keren icehand 1 year ago

    I love Guillermo???

  • Regina Falange 1 year ago

    Guillermo podes traducir mejor? Jajajaja

  • The Banana 1 year ago

    I love her! Honestly, iconic!!!

  • Juan Antonio Rentería Contreras 1 year ago

    Marina and Yali I love you both!!!

  • D B 1 year ago

    Great movie and fantastic acting!


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