Marie Yovanovitch On Ukraine’s Comedian-Turned-President, And Her “F*** You Putin” Bracelet

Published on March 11, 2022

In part two of her interview with Stephen Colbert, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, gives Stephen a very special gift and talks about the first time she met Ukraine’s heroic president Volodymyr Zelensky. You can read more of Ambassador Yovanovitch’s analysis about Ukraine and Russia in her new book, “Lessons From The Edge,” available everywhere next Tuesday. #Colbert #Ukraine #MarieYovanovitch

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  • SeaZenBones 11 months ago

    Get her back again, soon.

  • Vap Pri 11 months ago

  • Mitch Pynn 11 months ago

    Madison Cawthorn said: “Remember that Zelensky is a thug […] the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt, and it is incredibly evil, and it has been pushing woke ideologies.” Now in process of changing his views. (Date possibly Mar 5 2022, but not yet checked, AFAIK. Searches for “Zelensky thug” now brings up references to this.)

  • Rob Van Gessel 11 months ago

    Arguments coming from some quarters, like Oliver Stone and John Mearsheimer, suggest that everything unfolding is due to America’s impertinent actions in Europe over the decades that exerted pressure at Russia’s borders; trying to “spread democracy” where Russia doesn’t want it. (Maybe my own simplistic breakdown of the argument, but, in any case, “it’s America’s fault”). Well, the thing is, Ukraine has been trying carve its own direction, and Finland has been trying to carve its own direction. We’re not forcing democracy on them. They’re making that decision. It’s not like we’re supporting dictators there for corporate interests, like the shit we pulled in Chile during the 1970s. Russia is the dictator here, interested mainly in reinforcing its goddamn oligarchy. That’s why Putin interefered and disrupted western democracies over the decades. Ostensibly to protect Russia’s borders. (I guess that’s why he invaded Georgia in 2008, too). Whatever mistakes our own country has made over the decades – and it’s never news when we DO make them – there isn’t a helluva lot of sympathy to be found for a fascist like Putin whose mind still works from its KGB roots. The bigger concern, imo, should be corporations and oligarchs in the west aligning themselves with the Russian oligarchs as they had in past decades – which ushered in the Trump era for us in 2016. I only wish we’d go after American oligarchs the way we are with Russia’s. That’s OUR immediate threat, yet.

  • Anton S 11 months ago

    As Russia is claiming we are not even a real country, her quoting Taras Shevchenko was very touching for me as a Ukrainian. On March 9 it was Shevchenko’s birthday. His poetry resonates today more than ever.

  • Lamron333 11 months ago

    If “jon stewart” would have ran for prez,… I would hate the world less!

  • sinisa .M 11 months ago

    Bring some russian ambasador for us to see other side

  • Erik Johnson 11 months ago

    She bulk ordered a bunch of them. BRILLIANT!!!!!

  • glecy joy abella 11 months ago


  • manes hipocrates 11 months ago

    Fools say: Poo-ting (Putin) is strong but the wise say: Zelenskyy is strong. Slava Ukraini

  • Joshua Ghozeil 11 months ago

    I mean Russian warship fuck yours pretty iconic

  • movycram 11 months ago

    Comedians can be reckless.

  • Pat Davis 11 months ago

    Some charity should produce those bracelets and sell them to help with humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

  • Linda Godichiabois 11 months ago

    In 2014 Ukraine elected a comedian, in 2016 the U.S. elected a clown. Let that sink in!

  • Anthony P 11 months ago

    Everyone treated equally… please bring bring up the cellphone videos of people of color being battered and not allowed to leave in the early forms of waking to first strikes on the country. Her accent sounds of money and plenty america.. lol listen, how often was she in Ukraine till having to rep Ukraine… what’s the F*ck boy rep from Texas that went to Mexico when Texas had that bad storm last year? Long story short. Money is still going in people’s pockets while we’re being fucked.

  • Aqua Juwel 11 months ago

    Sad to see Russia turning in to nazi Germany with Putler, now they even have their own symbol for the war and agenda. The Z, if that don’t remind people of nazi Germany I hope they wake up soon, people are being completely brainwashed over there. If the Russians or Someone don’t get rid of that man he will turn on his own people sooner or later. The man is absolutely evil and will never stop…

  • Nafehur Rahman Khan 11 months ago

    You will now experience how bad war feels like, and migration of refugees, well, me being born in a Muslim family, and the onslaught of Islamic propaganda from US and NATO members, will it be ok for me to wear a F U US/NATO bracelet?

  • Banh Mi 11 months ago

    Reagan brought peace 1991
    Zelinskyy, ignorance of Vietnam war, Ira war, Afghanistan war, pawn to U.S. rebuilt Cold War 2.0 in 2022.

  • leeeastwood 11 months ago

    I live in the UK. can I get one of those bracelets here?


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