Marianne Williamson – Running for President on a Morality-Driven Platform | The Daily Show

Published on August 11, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson outlines her goal to bring morality back into politics and clarifies her positions on vaccines and reparations.



  • james fiaco 1 year ago

    Sissy boy supreme did not win the popular vote he did not win anything in life he has always paid out or been bought off. In this case he was bought off by the Russians in return pays out to the coal oil gas chemical industry in the way of lifting sanctions deregulating allowing these dirty low-paying jobs to do more damage with less consequence. he is oil slicking the way for the Russians to have a foothold within the global market since the only thing they have to negotiate with his gas and oil. Keep in mind all the states that gave him his electoral votes main source of business comes from those dirty low-paying jobs corporate America better known as the coal oil gas chemical industry. Not to mention WikiLeaks in the Russians made sure the Internet was full of ways for sissy boy supreme to get recognized in a political manner. So by saying he is a fighter he got so many people by saying this and that any other. Is making him look more professional than he truly is. Stick to the facts about sissy boy supreme and people will respond accordingly.

  • Duff Duffington 1 year ago

    Stop giving this loon airtime. Our country is already mired in shitty ideology. We don’t need to give someone like this credibility.

  • Mike McCown 1 year ago

    She gives me a vibe that she is someone who is your Mothers naughty friend, and someone who will give you non stop instructions in bed. I know that’s odd, but that’s the vibe I get from her. She’s odd.

  • Bj Savage 1 year ago

    I pray that she’s on the next presidential cabinet serving in some capacity. We need her serving in D.C. She’s a breath of fresh air. I absolutely love her.

  • Tracy Torres 1 year ago

    I know people hate politicians, this is what the republicans have been pushing on us for 30 yrs.
    They do this so that we will not expect anything good to happen in the government and we perpetuate this by continuing to vote for people that will ensure nothing good happens.
    We need to end this cycle, the only two presidents that didn’t cause a recession in the last 30 yrs is Clinton and Obama.
    Yes, the two that were actually politicians. They understand how policy works and how to make it effective.
    All the non politicians we’ve elected gave themselves huge tax breaks.

  • Reality isnt A choice 1 year ago

    How about no $$$ for campaigning.
    This is what public channels are for.
    Each candidate speaks only so many times not including debates and that’s it.
    They wont do what actually works,
    Just enough to cloud judgment.
    Remove lawyers from law ,
    Make laws understandable for every individual with a 3rd grade reading level and a limit of how long it can be written.
    And absolute transparency to all citizens.
    Everything will be better.
    The law has been weaponized against the people favoring government for far to long.

  • Miaou 1 year ago

    She looks like Selina from Veep

  • Luqe Prisecaru 1 year ago

    what a way to put it: it’s not racism, it’s woeful uneducation. hope you’re right, but i’m affraid ppls’ moral compass is a bit broken, it will take some two-three more generations. and that trevor smerk, priceless

  • Thando Zungu 1 year ago

    Trev. Nope.

  • JSephH76 1 year ago

    This lady is nuts. Crazy hippie idiot who needs to drop out of the race.

  • Malcolm X 1 year ago

    Williamson, Bernie and Warren will win.

  • Dominique Scruggs 1 year ago

    Yo Trevor, you allowed her to talk about her points at length how she wants without interruption..with perfect transitions … thanks man!! This is a dope platform for Marianne to EDUCATE!!! I like her ?

  • Blue Sky 1 year ago

    She is like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter to me… ?. I’m still in Warren camp tho. But if you like her, then you should help spread the word. Think the next debate, candidates has to be in double digits.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  • uknow who 1 year ago

    She’s so right. Just wish she had at least one term of political experience. ?

  • Mr. Science 1 year ago

    No reparations. No vote.

  • Malachi Ben Yisrael 1 year ago


  • King Michael The Last Warrior 1 year ago

    She’s the one

  • ursaltydog 1 year ago

    “I do not believe that the average american is a racist… but I do think that the average American is woefully uneducated about the history of race in the United States..” This issue is, so many don’t care to learn. Check out any southern plantation on google reviews. There will be those tourists who deny that ANY of their families had anything to do with slavery in the United States. They don’t want to hear it. they want to hear the romantic history, not about the torture we exacted upon another group of human beings.
    And while we’re at it, how about all those promises our governments made to Native Americans only to break them a few years later. And we continually do it. We are breaking promises to DACA recipients as well, because they don’t have an official birth certificate in the United States. And we’re threatening even those who were born here of illegal immigrants or legal immigrants for that matter.
    On a practical note, let’s say we do arrange some kind of reparations to black Americans. How would that be carried out? 95+ percent of Black Americans cannot trace their genealogy back to 1619, much less to post Civil War and even a large portion to early 1900’s. If you don’t know why, you’re one of those woefully ignorant. This is not even taking into account percentages of black heritage. But let’s say we work out the logistics and the reparations go forward. Then what? Will it change racist views on Black Americans or others of color? Nope. If anything, it will create a new racism whereas white people will tell black people, “We don’t owe you a thing now.. we paid you off, now get over it!!” and a few other expletives. It will happen. Americans are a special breed of jealousy.
    Then due to this precedence, what will happen when women.. all women who have been discriminated against owning property left to them by their deceased husbands or fathers, and they died and could not leave the property to whom they wished, but their second husband and former familial relation sold and divided the property and that property was in located in lower Manhattan? True story of a case that was fought in courts for decades, a couple hundred years. It was finally decided that due to new property ownership, that “the courts could not go back and remand that property or have current property owners pay a portion to all the relatives who should have had that property.
    Sometimes, you cannot go back and fix what happened. You can only admit fault, go forward and make things better for all. Time IS a healer, but only if we allow it to. Go back and fix the Voters Act of 1965, which states who were under close watch for discrimination against black voters was made impotent by SCOTUS. Empower Black Americans. Go back and put back the teeth of EEOC. Go back and ensure colleges are fair to minorities in admittance.

  • Theartis Butler 1 year ago

    * about to leave the room* “we should take corporate money out of politics” ?? *sits back down *

  • ali shaygan 1 year ago

    She won me over into believing she’d be an excellent president. She’s clearly a scholar, very erudite and eloquent. Her high moral perspective & example is the absolute opposite of the shit show we have now with every Republican pushing the other out of the way to see who can get up and kiss that fat ignorant con artist’s asshole the deepest. Of course, the award goes to Moscow Mitch who not only has no neck vertebrae and no lower facial bones so he can slither like a pinworm up into and out Donald’s asshole.
    I’m sick of seeing corruption and evil at the lowest to highest levels of government; from murderous cops to murder-inciting imbecile president trump.


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