Marianne Williamson on Opioids and Reaching the 2020 Debates

Published on August 14, 2019

Marianne Williamson defends her lack of political experience, talks about the opioid crisis and explains what she needs to do to qualify for the next presidential debates.

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  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    Even though she stands no chance, I hope some of her ideas get through to the Democratic party. Kinda like what happened with Bernie in 2016.

  • World Love 2 years ago

    Antidepressants + guns = mass shootings

  • World Love 2 years ago

    She is correct about antidepressants. They are proven to be placibo by their makers and to cause suicidal ideation and violence.

  • World Love 2 years ago

    She is correct about ssri’s and ya can bet pharma lobbyists are going to have to pay out lot more bribes to Congress to offset the truth she speaks.

  • mm027 2 years ago

    I honestly worried about the people that thinks she’s kooky because honestly every time I hear talk she sounds brilliant clear and completely straightforward.

  • Michael Hoffner 2 years ago

    Such a shame that what we used to believe in and espouse as Americans is considered crazy now. As we all fall back in time, as the kings re-amass their strength, power, and stronghold on the peasants, our children’s future is being destroyed. Ethics and morality have been relegated to the past with recent Republican administrations.

  • shoe shine 2 years ago


  • Andy 2 years ago

    FDR considered one of
    the best presidents this nation has had, would not have been president today.
    He had a disability that made him use a wheelchair and at the time, many people
    did not know (or were aware of this). That is because of less TV: less media,
    sensationalism, propaganda to make us judge, be critical or smear others.
    Respect was important.

    Marianne Williamson
    would be president today in a heartbeat. There would be no competition if the
    world we lived today was not as visual and focused more on substance,
    character, integrity, preparation, knowledge and oral skills. The media has succeeded
    into corrupting our minds and thoughts.

    A vote for Marianne Williamson is a vote for
    honesty and consciousness. It is a vote from the heart because we believe this
    country belongs to us.

  • ironheart191 2 years ago

    moral compass>>>>>>>ethical GPS>>>>

  • GregTom2 2 years ago

    “I don’t like the word anti depressive and therefore they must be addictive and wrong”.
    Meanwhile the available evidence tells us that we would prevent benzodiazepine addiction if we prescribed more antidepressants instead of sleeping pills for anxiety disorders and anxiety related sleep disorders. Available evidence also tells us that antidepressants are safer and as effective as opioids to treat fibromyalgia, one of the most common chronic pain conditions at the root of the opioid epidemic. Antidepressants can have withdrawals effects, which is not the same as saying they are addictive. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a patient finish a one year course of antidepressants (which is the suggested duration to prevent relapse in depression)? Antidepressants are part of the solution, not part of the problem, and she is fueling the already rampant mistrust citizens and patients have towards them. In the end, more people will omit their doctor’s advice to start a course of amitriptylin and will instead escalate their dose of oxycodone because they listened to this woman and trusted her.
    Does she care to ask for an expert’s opinion on the matter? No.
    Because deep down she feels like her long held beliefs are right and are a roadmap to a better america.
    Because deep down she fundamentally doubts and mistrusts the advice of people who wear labcoats and write for scientific journals`; just as she will mistrust anyone who doesn’t look like her, and peddle the same rhetoric.
    Reminds you of anyone?

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    Amen! He lacks a visceral respect for democracy… He’s from the old line of business where there is one “white guy” at the top making all decisions whether good or not, he doesn’t care. and everyone else is supposed to “obey”

  • Vagabond Feet 2 years ago

    Seth watched Bill Maher before this

  • Valerie Michaels 2 years ago

    *eye roll*

  • anniecmarie 2 years ago

    She is what our country needs now. DOn’t get me wrong, I love Bernie and Yang is cool and Tulsi is awesome and I like Warren too and that guy from Washington State with the glasses who was very outspoken about the environment… I think that MW would do a good job of giving these people appropriate positions in her administration if they wanted them. Marianne is what we all need right now. People are traumatized and struggling severely here and need some serious healing and calm. I read a comment yesterday where someone said that they have felt angry lately and just listening to her had made him calmer. IMagine! INstead of hearing from and about Trump everyday if we got to listen to and hear about her! What kind of world would that be? DOn’t you want to see? Check her out here AND there are some TedTalks from her on here that are really great too.

  • Bosstown Dynamics 2 years ago

    Yeah I dunno, it’s easy to say that antidepressants are overprescribed because people are supposed to get sad sometimes, and I do generally agree with that sentiment, but it’s very easy to forget that there’s lots of people who are right on the edge of depression who get tipped over the edge by something sad happening. Not everyone who is grieving is depressed, but it’s also true that there are depressed people who are also grieving.

  • Peter Burton 2 years ago

    Stfu, it’s illegal opioids causing the problems. The law makers and law enforcement are literally killing chronic pain patients by forced tapering or stopping pain meds full stop. Why because doctors are too scared to prescribe the correct medications for of being in fear of being raided and arrested, so it’s easier to do nothing for the patient and then refuse to see them again.

  • John W. 2 years ago

    I like Seth, but he mislead his audience by asking about issues that are settled. Marianne Williamson has so much to offer our country. Let her speak about issues that matter.

  • HRS Darwish 2 years ago

    I didn’t expect her approach to mental illness would be to tackle the neoliberal capitalist realist aspect of it. Good for Marianne Williamson.

  • Element Air 2 years ago

    She thinks thoughts can cure illness. Next.

  • Alexis B 2 years ago

    Though I’m a Warren girl myself (she’s done an amazing job as my senator), I will forever love and respect Marianne for her intellectual destruction of Dave Rubin. I like what she has to say, but I’m a believer that plans and experience matter just as much as “moral character”. I was trying to think of even a cabinet position she’d be good for given her set of skills and I couldn’t find even one. If I can’t think of a cabinet position you’d be good for, then I can’t vote for you for president.


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