Mariah Carey – Sharing Personal Stories in Her Memoir | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 2, 2020

Mariah Carey opens up about having childhood memories resurface while writing her memoir, her new album of previously unreleased music and her enduring affinity for Christmas. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MariahCarey

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  • people power 2 years ago

    Every host is capable of making a joke , but a few of them can make an interview like this,
    this is the first time I’ve saw the value of the host , making her feels at home , knowing every part of this woman ,
    then he gets his feedback, Mariah Carey : I adore you , yes she should be because me too.

  • A Green 2 years ago

    Mariah’s music makes me feel warm, safe and happy all at once.

  • David Sanin Paz 2 years ago

    Great interview Trevor!

  • Mary Jane 2 years ago

    Beautiful chemistry between these two😭. Mariah looked like she felt so seen and was so touched you could tell❤️I will buy the book immediately, I love Mariah.

  • Lit Bien 2 years ago

    Love Mariah, Beautiful woman, Great Voice. As a teenager growing up I couldn’t wait to hear Mariah song. I’m sure it hurts when people have to fight with race issue when they’re both side of the race cause people makes you feel that way.

  • phillip Morrison 2 years ago

    I love you so Trevor, you are such an amazing human being! Which is the only way you could do such a beautiful brilliant interview!

  • Jake Butler 2 years ago

    I loved this conversation so much omg

  • R A 2 years ago

    Was the book as lazy as her shitshows

  • Abdullah Benghaith 2 years ago

    One of the most amazing and breathtaking voice of all time, I grew up with her songs, learned words and so many things about LOVE. Thank you Trevor for such one of a kind interview, have you guys seen how her eyes glow when she was talking to him, I guess she is falling for him, who didn’t ❤️

  • Arizona Lady 2 years ago

    Oh shit I thought she died a while back.. wow , well good to see her?

  • Albinë 2 years ago

    Trevor owns the sweater he is wearing in 20 different colors

  • MD 2 years ago

    i can”t take Trevor serious it just seems like he was always holding a joke behind while she was talking 🤣

  • J D 2 years ago

    What do Trevor, Mariah and most of the population in Mexico have in common?…. Being a mestizo. Like fuck, as a Mexican myself is not a bad thing to be “meztizo/mixed”. Not black or not white, but meztizo! They make “being mixed” sound like it’s bad or racist to point it out when it’s not. If you reject one side of your own blood, you’re a MALINCHISTA aka “racist against your own race”

  • Rhamond Santos 2 years ago

    Trevor…u got something that NODODY has done before! She really likes you bro.. For real!

    No…i won’t tell… 😎

  • Andrew Chong 2 years ago

    Oh shoot. You know its that time of the year when you can see Mariah out and about.

  • msangel30andlovingit 2 years ago

    Wow! That was the most beautiful interview I ever watched and I truly believe Mariah feels this is one of the best she’s ever had. Outstanding job Trevor. You asked all the right questions. I love u both. Damn now I feel bad for talking about u getting a white girl 🤣. Do whatever u want Trevor Noah. U are wonderful ❤❤

  • Luis Umpiérrez 2 years ago

    Thank you Mr Trevor from the Canary Islands! .your interviews are deep and sincere.

  • Marie Axelsson 2 years ago

    Coping with trauma through jokes and laughter is way too real.

  • Marian Topham 2 years ago

    Look at how happy he is!! ❤

  • Abraham Becker 2 years ago

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