Margot Robbie Is A MASSIVE Nerd For Harry Potter | The Graham Norton Show



  • Ahsan Zaman 3 years ago

    From 1 to 6 but not 7? I have no idea why I took that so personally. I got downright offended! It’s so weird!

  • A A 3 years ago

    I love Margot even more for being a potterhead❤

  • Carine Malambu 3 years ago

    First of all, spending your birthday reading Harry Potter seems like a cool thing to do.
    Then I am on Margot sides, like how do you read 1 to 6 and then just stop ?!?!?! I am so confused.
    And why is Graham apologizing like did he not know how everybody in their 20s used to have a special connection with the books

  • fouad othamni 3 years ago

    Why Daniel looks like Biggie

  • TheFlowMind 3 years ago

    “I lie to the optometrist”…well we all kinda did that to get the Harry’s glasses! My mum found out that I did lie to the optometrist when I was able to read really well close and afar!
    Btw I was “Margot Robbie’s too old to have read HP as a teenager”…it turns out she’s 1 year younger than me.

  • Blessings Mudarikwa 3 years ago

    How can someone be that gorgeous and still mange to survive on this planet….!!??

  • Queen Lynette 50 3 years ago

    If JK Rowling ever decides a movie based at Ilvermorny comes up. Margot could be a great teacher.. ?

  • MatiZ815 3 years ago

    Margot freaking out over Daniel not reading the last book is the most I’ve ever related to anyone.

  • Iron Fan 3 years ago

    Margot was like “WHAT!?”
    I say the same bruh. Actually, the 7th book was the ONLY one I read! XD (It was incredible ♥),

  • shanta824 3 years ago

    2:46 awww so cute hahaha

  • Sarah Venable 3 years ago

    Nerd fandom should NOT be discriminated because of race, gender or anything.

  • Shivam Chadha 3 years ago

    Why choose “The Order of Phoenix” for her birthday? It’s not the easiest read.

  • CHICO 209 3 years ago

    I can just set and look at Margot all day long . I will give her a kiss if she wants.

  • Xenija Grünschnabel 3 years ago

    The lucky guy. He STILL has to experience to read a Harry Potter book (at least the last one) for the very first time. 😀

  • Niels 3 years ago

    Tell me Emma Mackey does not look like her?!

  • NYVA STARK 3 years ago

    I love how she’s bragging about her husband being pushed away by draco.


  • Ilya_Y 3 years ago

    Margot Robbie`s husband in the movie at 37:56

  • Floppy Bird 3 years ago

    0:27 – i fell in love ??

  • aranphor 3 years ago


  • MotherF Jones 3 years ago

    Who is that gorgeous woman to the right?


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