Margaret Hoover – Trump’s Third State of the Union Is Unlike Any Other in History | The Daily Show

Published on February 6, 2020

Host of PBS’s “Firing Line” Margaret Hoover shares her thoughts on President Trump’s State of the Union address and explains how the president’s rhetoric differs from SOTU speeches of the past. #TheDailyShow #MargaretHoover #FiringLine



  • Neil Brinton Jeffers 3 years ago

    Celebrity comedian Trump Inc

  • LanceReactor 3 years ago


  • escrape 3 years ago

    Trump is so full of shit, and you know this when he gave the Medal of Freedom to fucktard.

  • Deborah Blackshear 3 years ago

    Trevor you are hilarious and Truthful thanks for this interview with Margaret Hoover.

  • Miike Haze 3 years ago

    I knew there was reasonable conservatives ?

  • Ed Braunhut 3 years ago

    Im just wondering why no one is mentioning the fact that Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh a medal of honor at this speech! Why?

  • bkLEGION3000 3 years ago

    Yeah, this is what Republicans sounded like when I was a republican. But that ship sailed A LONG time ago. Now its just the current incarnation of the nazi party.

  • Tommy Lee 3 years ago

    All America is trying do is turn Venezuela into iraq. Beware of Venezuela your oil will belong to American interest.

  • pugetwitch 3 years ago

    Who the hell is this bimbo? She looks like she came straight off a fox with her bleached hair and pitched up voice. Such a farce. there’s not one single policy that Trump has implemented that I can agree with or say has improved my life in any way, shape, or form.

  • Luedog 3 years ago

    wages aren’t up though people still working 60 hours a week just to barely survive. homeless is at a all time high. i don’t understand how this is a good economy.

  • Mike B 3 years ago

    Republicans are following Jesus but they rather have Trump a guy doing everything for himself and the rich then Bernie Sanders who fights the rich and powerful and wants everybody to have a good life.?

  • Gordon Adams 3 years ago

    Guaido’s presidency is highly questionable at best. He is primarily legitimate in the eyes of the U.S. government and the CIA.

  • N E 3 years ago

    Both parties are terrible, corrupt, and not for the people.

  • Sparky's Space 3 years ago

    48 states have winner-take-all primaries, and the new Party of Trump knows how to exploit it, millions of blue votes will turn red in the electoral college.

  • Jos Nijsten 3 years ago

    Trevor … please …

  • Andrew C 3 years ago

    Close your eyes and listen to her speak. That’s what a woman, who’s a 10, looks like.

  • Rocs Cee 3 years ago


  • Alistair 1924 3 years ago

    Hoover: “Don’t rip up trump speech.” “Hold him to a higher standard.”

    Pelosi: literally impeached trump
    (Has nothing to show for it)

    Hoover is an all talk no substance person. The Reagan type, we want to show a charismatic side but fuck you over the second you look away. No thanks.

  • jmisc 3 years ago

    Beautiful sentences that meant absolutely nothing, unless she speaks LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY against what she thinks is wrong with the Trump administration. Republicans are chickens running around now collecting pensions and speaking fees. Look at Jeff Flakes, Boehner, etc.

  • Mateo Banda 3 years ago

    I like her


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