Marc Maron’s Issues With Marvel Movies – CONAN on TBS

Published on August 21, 2019

Marc alienates the entire CONAN audience when he declares his disdain for comic book movies.

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  • No Name 6 months ago

    To be fair, MCU movies are pretty objectively bleh, even if they are a lot of fun for most people – they’re designed by a committee to be safe and unchallenging summer blockbusters where you don;t have to think too hard, and they succeed on hype and franchising alone. They;re so formulaic it isn;t even funny – origin story, heroes get love interest (will they won’t they? Oooooh, DRAMAAAAA), bad guys beat good guys, good guys get motivated/training montage, heroes beat bad guys, bad guy gets Mcguffin, heroes team up against bigger bad guy, rinse repeat.

    Superhero movies can be great – the Dark Knight Trilogy, Watchmen, and some of the X-Men movies to give examples – but the MCU is far from great. You can argue that the films are fun to watch, but you can;t argue that they’re objectively great movies.

  • I ain't sweating over it 6 months ago

    I love Marc Maron so much ?

  • BSJ IN YO HOUSE 6 months ago

    Marc: I don’t like comic book movies.
    The Joker: Am I a joke to you?

  • Borat Sagdiyev 6 months ago

    Everyone know it’s a bit, right?

  • Duwane Knight 6 months ago

    Those r fighting words

  • Kyle Cravens 6 months ago


  • Aza 6 months ago

    This is lame, you are a moron Marc

  • Matt K. 6 months ago

    Lmao I love how similar Marc Maron is to Bill Burr in terms of his angst towards life and pop culture ?

  • romero329 6 months ago

    Based on the comments, a lot of you aren’t familiar with his brand of humor ?

  • tra ffic 6 months ago


  • kreion 6 months ago

    1:49 finally Conan’s real laughter

  • Pbarwik 6 months ago

    awesome bit. He has such a amazing and different timing. Not all his bits and rants I like, but he’s an awesome interviewer. I think he has something similar to Lewis Black? The more agitated and angry they are, the funnier they get

  • Mark Lupo 6 months ago

    Well said, Marc! Not everyone cares about Marvel.

  • BenG 6 months ago

    I have to drive 90 minutes away for my smaller movie theaters to see the good stuff…

  • Guillermo Biasini 6 months ago

    God bless you Marc 🙂

  • Deek Butth 6 months ago

    Conan’s show is dying, pleaze help him, i don’t want him to be another unsung hero. Looking at you america

  • thenewmiLONNIEum 6 months ago

    F-ck Marc Maron. He gave a platform to Obama, the man who bought and built the same cages Trump is putting immigrants in. F-ck liberals who humanize war criminals and mass murderers.

  • Trotsky 6 months ago

    Obviously a bit, but he is 100% correct. Comic book movies are stupid.

  • Zach Haskell 6 months ago

    It’s funnier when bill burr does this kind of stuff

  • Gary Turbo 6 months ago

    He’s going to get hate from alot of MCU fanboys


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