Mar-A-Lago Has Some New Rules After The FBI Raid

Published on August 12, 2022

Leave the clothes and wires at home and come on down to the new Mar-A-Lago! #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • R Sellers 2 years ago

    It’s not a raid if it was a peaceful search warrant that trumps secret service knew about it.

  • Lawrence Maweu 2 years ago


  • Sharky Fish 2 years ago

    remember a few years ago, Donnie was obsessed with removal of low flow toilets, now we understand why, The low flow water capacity cannot handle his high capacity data dumps he was taking in them. it sounds like he has used this trick for years, of flushing documents (and other shit) down the old crap hole, The man has always been a turd in my book, and his life is about to be flushed away for good, Hope he lots of trump brand toilet paper, he will need it

  • Craig Stahl 2 years ago

    When did Trump become the shittiest Bond villain?

  • Fight evil. Read books. 2 years ago

    Sounds like Trump was holding nuclear info back for a worldwide terrorist stock-up sale.

  • Felix Leong 2 years ago

    Trump : “Giuliani, have you dug up my mole yet?”

  • DJ Pomare 2 years ago

    JAIL ‘STUPID’ 2022. Exploited ex-wife’s death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes.
    Stupid’s $250 million election scam really puts Hunter Biden’s $3 million Fox TV distraction in perspective.
    Stupid had a copy of the FBI search warrant but wanted the MAGATs to think he knew nothing about the raid.
    Garland tricked MAGATs into asking for details of everything taken from Stupid’s Mar-a-Lago home.

  • The10thManRules 2 years ago

    Are suntan lotion and melanoma exams included with membership?

  • Dean Sarkela 2 years ago

    Treasonous criminal Joe and his treasonous criminal democrats are no match for the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY DONALD TRUMP. Midterms just around the corner folks!!!!!!!

  • philam1973 2 years ago

    Melania? What are you doing on the phone?

  • Arational 2 years ago

    Merde=A=Lardo owner, former President Taint, feels the legal net closing around him.

  • Don H 2 years ago

    Get a White House Cat… Meow…!

  • Mike Morton 2 years ago


  • LKNANML 2 years ago

    In a week or so he will hold up in one of the room with bottles of pee all over the place talking about… You know I can’t think of anything. Trump was already so delusional on a daily basis that I can’t think of how much more delusional one person can get.


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