Manly Gender Reveal Party Ideas For Dads

Published on November 16, 2018

Stephen offers dads some manly ideas for gender-reveal parties in this edition of Late Show’s Stephen Colbert: Level 10 Babymaster!

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  • Maureen R 2 years ago

    Well, that was….unnecessary. Stick to political comedy, LSSC writers’ room. And good luck to the children of any parents who actually throw gender reveal parties or stunts.

  • Jesse Sharp 2 years ago

    My sister did that cake thing. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on. Id never heard of this. I thought they were trying to tell me the hospital sent a cake and this was how we were supposed to find out. I dont think my health insurance covers cake baking and you know if a hospital made it itd cost a fortune. But theyre going “no, she found out if its a boy or a girl, then baked a cake and were gonna cut it open to find out.” But Ive got a phone, like, they could just call me. I thought shed list her goddamn mind coming up with an insane time consuming baking ritual to substitute talking. I guess Im glad she isnt one of the crazy ones or id be in a field somewhere watching blue explosions. I mean, shes pregnant right? I could make a celebration cake or whatever, my point is this is weird.

  • TNM001 2 years ago

    when ppl are proud of what literally EVERY human can do…yep, thats modern day human for you. lets get that gold star.

  • saltypork101 2 years ago

    Any time you can sneakily swap out one of these stupid reveals, do it. Just grab everything pink and replace it with green stuff, then replace the “It’s a boy/girl” sign with “It doesn’t matter”.

  • SunScourge 2 years ago

    Gendered gender reveal parties… genderception?
    If cake is apparently feminine and explosions are masculine, why not have an exploding cake and just tell everyone to face up with their mouths open?

  • Terra shine 2 years ago

    By the Heavens ! Mr.Colbert is simply fantastic & funny.
    ???love his show here in my country.

  • M Lourson 2 years ago

    Radical new idea: Words

  • stonescorpio 2 years ago

    If the baby’s intersex, should the cake/explosion/confetti/fumes be purple?

  • Brandon Cordero 2 years ago

    Straight people really need to stop

  • Memorax 2 years ago

    I see 0 comments by offended men and tons of comments complaining about comments by offended men ?

  • JustDilated 2 years ago


  • Repliar of Ancient Comments 2 years ago

    We all should fat shame some men for balance.

  • Joshua O'Bryan 2 years ago

    I’ll have a reveal party when my kids are old enough to decide on they’re own what they want to identify as.

  • Maurice Ross 2 years ago

    Level 10? Pathetic.

  • Melias Clarkson 2 years ago

    Ugh, enforcing societal gender norms ?

  • Albe Van Hanoy 2 years ago

    Evn if you pass on the giant, blatant sexism of that shit, let’s be honest, it’s just plain ridiculous xD .

  • PCBacklash _ 2 years ago

    That has to be the weirdest Colbert segment I’ve ever seen, about something most of us have never even heard of…

  • Nick Vendel 2 years ago

    I can make D&D character out of this XD

  • Rob Johnson 2 years ago

    Too weird

  • buddy moore 2 years ago

    Can we go back to a time. Long ago. Where we just used the gd phone to tell others?


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