Mandy Patinkin Wants Us To Exercise Our Humanity



  • BobHendriksMusic 3 years ago


  • TheFluffyHen 3 years ago

    Smart man.

  • Yuri Bong 3 years ago

    Mandy Patinkin really knows what he’s talking about :)

  • Jay simon 3 years ago

    wow man… yes.

  • Raheem Amarsi 3 years ago

    wow, you can tell how passionate and intelligent he is about what they
    converse about.

  • Cat C 3 years ago

    –while Fallon would just crack a joke and laugh at 1:02, Colbert keeps it

  • mprulez 3 years ago

    Wow, the played Mc Yogi for the entrance

  • Michael Sanchez 3 years ago

    If only more of the people of this country were as rational.
    Thank you for giving such a sincere and rationalized speech.

  • Ebreeze84 3 years ago

    Too few people in America like Patinkin.

  • xLegendaryPete 3 years ago

    i wish i could thump this video up multiple times because that was

  • Joey Banana 3 years ago

    Authentic person in show business detected.

    System failure. I repeat, system failure.

  • bloggs24 3 years ago

    I guess Stephen kind of has to, but Many was very passionate and wanted to
    talk about politics and the refugees while Stephen was trying really hard
    to steer it back to his acting and Homeland.

  • SecondCaldera 3 years ago

    absolutely wonderful.

  • matrixistrue 3 years ago

    Powerful saul

  • Bob Saget Lover 3 years ago

    Wow, great interview. This is why everyone loves and respects Colbert more
    than any other tv show host.

  • Hank Scorpio 3 years ago


  • Ann Samson 3 years ago

    I was not expecting that. Wow.

  • MassiveScore 3 years ago

    I hate that Colbert is getting low numbers just because he isn’t afraid to
    have meaningful discussions about issues that actually matter.

  • libertyjusticeforal1 3 years ago

    that made my day. trust in humanity restored

  • Seyi 116 3 years ago


  • Seyi 116 3 years ago

    If only it was all that easy!!

  • Brenda Achey 3 years ago

    I love Mandy. What an awesome human being.

  • R Keb 3 years ago

    This makes me want to shelter Syrian refugees in my home. Nah not really

  • KydoimosOfMachai 3 years ago

    Another pipedreamer hippy old fart….. that’s all I see here.

    It’s this kinda John Lennon fantasy world thinking that leads to more
    problems then good.

    ISIS fighters fight because of western imperialism. It’s essentially a
    liberation movement driven by religion.

    Yea, that is bizzare to think about, but that is what some leaders of Islam
    are doing.

    So to stop ISIS, well maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we just don’t have to
    help in Middle East at all. Let the Arabs deal with their own mess and
    refugees. Cause at the end of the day they caused the mess, by deciding to
    pick up guns and kill each other.

  • Sonny Salvador 3 years ago

    Bravo well said :)

  • jeremypascall 3 years ago

    Take this lesson from Santa everyone!

  • Shally D 3 years ago

    I… don’t know but Mandy reminds me of Robin Williams especially at 6:50.
    Feels 🙁

    Very intriguing interview nonetheless. I now have newfound respect and
    admiration for Mandy Patinkin, an actor I who was previously unknown to me.

  • Planetar 3 years ago

    Other hosts would interupt, redirect to something funny and forcefully
    change subject. Here Colbert was all silent letting him speak freely words
    of wisdom that comes from direct heart experience.

  • Thurston Lambert 3 years ago

    Great meaningful discussion like these better America and the humanity as a

  • Definitely not a 5 headed Dragon 3 years ago

    These are some important messages right there.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov 3 years ago

    Mandy in this interview comes across as a hardened Santa Claus. It’s like
    he spent so much time travelling around the world giving gifts but got
    exasperated at humanity’s propensity for violence

  • Ali Dan 3 years ago

    Good man :)

  • Simran Kaur 3 years ago

    When I was watching this on TV tonight, you could tell in Mandy’s eyes how
    passionate he was getting about this. He almost looked like he was going to
    cry but wow, what an amazing interview with two intelligent men

  • stiimuli 3 years ago

    Mandy, god isn’t even god evidently.

  • Zoharargov 3 years ago

    When actors think they know stuff.

  • Tobi Aramide 3 years ago

    Mandy Patinkin is a goddamn national treasure!

  • Alan Espinosa 3 years ago

    Please get this man in the JRE

  • jasonkamera / Jason Aldridge 3 years ago

    like like like like like like

  • Vexed Films 3 years ago

    Well that escalated quickly…

  • Sebastian Jimenez Bienen 3 years ago

    This guy just dropped a truth bomb right into the establishment’s asshole
    in a fashion worthy of Noam Chomsky’s endorsement. I wish he kept going
    further into his “who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy” rant so that he
    left no doubt of what he was referring to, which is the fact that we, the
    people of the allegedly more civilized and freer world, are no better than
    the terrorists that we so deeply abhor. And how could we be better really,
    when we, as taxpayers have funded and continue to fund all the wars and
    irrational invasions that have brought unending misery to all these parts
    of the world? How could we be better when we consciously, and almost
    routinely elect representatives that continue to do the things that we
    precisely condemn the “bad guys” for doing? But someone of Stephen’s mind
    set will say “Oh but these terrorists, they are savages, they kill innocent
    people for political gain.” Right, cause we, the good guys, we’d never do
    something like that. When Obama allows an army of hell fire sky robots to
    massacre thousands and thousands of innocent people he’s not doing it for
    political gain, he’s doing it for the “right” reasons, to defend the
    “right” ideals. When our military generals order the targeted airstrike on
    a hospital full of doctors without borders and injured patients just
    because that hospital cared for everyone without discriminating based on
    political affiliation, they’re not doing it because they actually want to
    kill innocent people, they’re doing it because it’s a necessary measure we
    must take to protect our ideals. And that’s the most fucked up part about
    this: that when these assholes who represent us try to justify their
    psychopathic actions to us, when they try to brush off the barbaric
    killings that they do as just “another casualty of war”, we instinctively
    believe them and fool ourselves into thinking that they only did it for
    “good reasons” cause we are good guys, and they represent us, so they too
    must be good guys. Godamm this world is messed up

  • George Mason 3 years ago

    What an incredible interview. Thank you Mandy. You are a good man.

  • Vít Savický 3 years ago

    So much respect for the courage to speak his mind. Also, props to Colbert
    for letting this happen on TV.

  • Cherubim 67 3 years ago

    this coming from Mr. Huxley, who stole Elmo’s blanket because he said so.
    all joking aside, it’s nice to hear someone to talk about some humility
    because every time i turn to any outlet, there’s always something bad
    happening, from shootings to climate problems.

  • WeeWeeJumbo 3 years ago

    It feels strange and sad, watching all the grown-ups from my youth turn
    into grey old men and women. Patinkin remains One of the Good Ones

  • anon8568 3 years ago

    He made me cry! I love him, very smart man.

  • Nina D. 3 years ago

    “…humanity is a good thing when it is exercised. I ask people to exercise
    their humanity, more than they’ve ever imagined. Use your imagination on
    how you can make the world a better place.” – Mandy Patinkin

  • becky selfridge 3 years ago

    Wow, he must’ve really toned down his personality to play Jason Gideon

  • ImEmilyThorne 3 years ago

    HOmeland is my favorite. I even put it slightly above Game of Thrones. oh
    and i love Saul.

  • Evan Thomas 3 years ago

    I like Colbert because he isn’t afraid to raise a counterpoint, and even
    when he agrees he knows what many people will take issue with, so he asks a
    question that’s answer silences detractors.

  • Rachel Lam 3 years ago

    One of the most enlightening interviews with a ‘celebrity’ on a TV talk
    show I’ve ever watched.

  • Rita Lagunas 3 years ago

    Colbert stopped Mandy from exposing the HATE MONGER!

  • Michael Hart 3 years ago

    Mandy for president

  • Steve Smith 3 years ago

    Exercise your humanity by giving up the idea that you need to be ruled by
    any authoritarian who gives themselves some imaginary power.
    Without government there would be a chance for liberty, justice and peace.
    With government there is only slavery, oppression and murder.

  • nriab23 3 years ago

    Look like vince ruso

  • Philip Jury 3 years ago

    Wow that was powerful. It’s all too easy to let fear win, but listen to
    this man, let HUMANITY win

  • 554466551 3 years ago

    How is it possible that these interviews keep blowing me away? Damn you,
    Colbert, haven’t you heard of inconsistency?

  • Theo Broswick 3 years ago

    Its absolutely crazy how much stigma there is for refugees. A lot of North
    Americans are refugees of a sort. My family were refugees when they first
    came here 100 years ago, not Syrian but Ukrainian. These aren’t animals,
    they are people just like you and I.

  • idn 3 years ago

    The laugh at the end is priceless.

  • Enzo Pasq 3 years ago

    Beautifully and passionately said!

  • x Psi 3 years ago

    Humanity is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal. Then it’s nukes

  • Tal Moore 3 years ago


  • Annette Vlogs 3 years ago

    most inspirational thing I’ve seen in a ling time!!

  • Geoff B 3 years ago

    Mandy Patinkin is one of the people I wish Stephen could do a full
    hour-long interview with. That would be so rewarding.

    Stephen Fry as well, would be so good on this show.

  • Ygnez 3 years ago

    This was awesome!!!

  • Kirin122 3 years ago

    More of this please

  • Nima B 3 years ago

    best interview EVER!

  • thcollegestudent 3 years ago

    A man most well known for his portrayal of a son consumed with the revenge
    of his father, preaches peace on earth and good will toward all. That says

  • Zach Zima 3 years ago

    this is why Colbert has the best late show. he’s so well rounded.

  • Onac Proudmoore 3 years ago

    Well, I live in Europe and I honestly say the refugees make it hard to
    “exercise our humanity” towards them. They have a tendency to disobey the
    regulations in my country which has led to quite a bit of anarchy here. We
    respect human life, we mean to help them, but they want us to help in other
    ways, faster ways than we are able. It’s like they expect to get a job and
    a car immediately when they enter the country and don’t understand that
    bureaucracy sadly takes time. And then they go vary. They get unsatisfied
    and then they start to break the rules since our rules don’t fit their
    expectations, even though they are meant to serve them.

  • Dark Light 3 years ago

    Mandy , I don’t know who this guy is but I love him.

    I have been waiting so long for someone to say something about humanity for
    a long time since Charlie Chaplin said it in 1940

  • Evelyn Yang 3 years ago

    Oh wow that’s awesomely not Saul Berenson-like.

  • GirlWonder05 3 years ago

    No no it’s not the conversations that’s lowering the numbers. It’s just
    that his show isn’t packed with enough substance and things that display
    culture and humanity. In my opinion the current late night one man talk
    shows are lazy because it’s just one guy talking. Just because this single
    man focus happened to work for Johnny Carson doesnt mean the format is a
    good thing to keep for every joe that comes along. What he’s using is a
    theatre, a place of worship for arts and music. He thinks it would be
    better if the show was chill like with letterman but it should be the
    opposite. Late night shows were about a cool man but that’s not what
    colbert has been about. He should take the chill in betweeen bits and shove
    as much art and music and acts and dancing he could into it, whether it be
    upstart musicians or artists or training dancers that are worth the time,
    or great accomplished musicians, use avant avant garde break dancers to do
    his skits. Fill up all the skits with substance with the money he has.
    That’s what the biggest show on TV should be. A front to back circus like
    display of everything Colbert thinks is Classy. Traditional talk shows have
    always had just a blank stage with the band and the cool guy and shit but
    that’s not what the new generation likes anymore. We respect the work of
    Stephen Colbert. This show should be past being just pure display of manly
    ego. It should be our door to the world, like Neil Patrick Harris’s
    openings are for the theatre. It should be a full out show.

  • Paul Interics 3 years ago

    San Bernardino jihadi and friend plotted campus and freeway jihad
    attacksIslamic Terrorist are insane…. And we MUST protect ourselves….
    Mandy the bottom line Islamic Terrorist want to KILL JEWS…. That’s
    you…. Take Middle Eastern Christians Not Islamic Terrorist.

  • fahad alawadi 3 years ago

    his entrance music sounded like the zlatan ibrahimovic song

  • Buenomars 3 years ago

    My name is Inigo Montoya…

  • Kelly cortesi jones 3 years ago

    Thanks Mandy.

  • stellarfirefly 3 years ago

    Mandy has played a lot of majorly serious, amazingly dramatic roles over
    the years. But to this day, my first reaction every time I see him or hear
    his name, is always, “Hallo! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my
    father. Prepare to die.”

  • miket1366 3 years ago

    thanks Colbert for having meaningful interviews that actually matter

  • Crimsonphilosophy 3 years ago

    wo, Patinkin’s head explodes on late night.

  • Djoaw Oawed 3 years ago

    I love this man’s passion

  • jimmy31hendrix 3 years ago

    Well said George Carlin/ Santa Clause, well freaking said.

  • JAldwin 3 years ago

    Mandy, was talking about Meliorism–That by means of education one will
    improve the state of the world. However, he still bypassed the logic of
    Stephen’s rebuttal with regard to the misuse of freewill. Does he think
    education alone makes a person morally upright? If that were so, no doctors
    would be concerned about kick-backs from drug companies or see fit to
    falsify their research. Does Mandy not realize that peoples both average &
    powerful have been trying (and failing) to effect the world in just such a
    way for millennia? What was Einstein’s basic definition of “Insanity”,

    Mandy also mentioned the widespread [acknowledged] fear that was felt
    regarding atomic bombs when he was younger. Those bombs were not ordered,
    created, tested, or used by uneducated people. Individuals need to ask
    themselves & honestly consider; is it an overwhelming sense of “humanity”
    that has removed the fear? Or, is it media-induced apathy to the danger
    that exists on an even greater scale?

    For all you know, it could simply be that the fear amongst those in control
    has shifted because they know they’re no longer exclusive in their
    possession of that technology. Mutually Assured Destruction can be quite
    the motivator!

  • David Brunner 3 years ago

    Love what he had to say here. I feel like I’ve had this conversation with
    myself in the shower many times; we all need to work towards the day these
    ideas become reality.

  • Patricia Rowland 3 years ago

    I love the way Mandy Patinkin thinks and I love Stephen Colbert as well.

  • Kariela Santiago 3 years ago

    This was amazing!

  • rossiman54 3 years ago

    Mandy Patinkin is a good man!

  • KillerOfDolts 3 years ago

    Mandy is such a heart. One of the greatest people in the business ever :)

  • GildaLee27 3 years ago

    Thank you, Mandy Patinkin, for speaking the passionate truth. God bless and
    protect you!

  • WhatYouSay 3 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon suck balls. Stephen Colbert is better.

  • Ringo Brat 3 years ago

    if Mandy came to the “actual journalistic” news shows and made such heated
    statement, the blonde bimbos and air-head news anchors would only attack
    him back with nonsense replies defending the war-mongers; since all they
    care about is the shape of chocolate produced by Reese for Christmas and
    not the actual issues we are facing now.

    the reality of journalism

  • Naryan Robinson 3 years ago

    God bless him.

  • saara7860 3 years ago

    Very respectful and important interview. Really enjoyed hearing Patinkin
    speak, and this is perhaps the truth- that Colbert is the only show he
    could have spoken on without getting interrupted.
    I do have to note though- the show Homeland perpetuates and reinforces some
    stereotypes against the Muslim world, which can be harmful in swaying views
    for the worst. While Patinkin’s views are obviously different than his
    show, that is something he still needs to keep in mind.

  • House Arrest Management 3 years ago

    Why is he dressed like Steve Jobs?

  • Sufi Soul 3 years ago

    The Good vs Evil paradigm is for Hollywood and Fox News.

    Rea life is far more complex and sophisticated.

  • Blak 3 years ago

    Uncle Mandy’s got quite a speech there, I like it’s message! LOVE!

    Also he could play one MEAN SANTA! :D

  • akaElleLatham 3 years ago

    This was awesome. So passionate and serious about something so important.
    It’s refreshing to see.

  • Mike Burke 3 years ago



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