Malcolm Jenkins – Addressing Racial Injustice Head-On in the NFL | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on June 23, 2020

Two-time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins discusses the NFL’s changing attitude on protesting police brutality, the need for more Black representation beyond the players, and why white allyship is so important for bringing Black folks the justice that’s long overdue. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MalcolmJenkins

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  • cobaltblueviolet 10 months ago

    Please watch Trevor! Amazing black history by Jeffrey Robinson, the ACLU’s top racial justice expert. The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States. FULL VERSION.

  • Derek Fuller 10 months ago


  • Mariaelena Lopez 10 months ago


  • Mr. Weaver 10 months ago

    Anybody know where to find that hoodie Mr. Jenkins is wearing?

  • Augie V 10 months ago

    There is an injustice, all them cry babies to play football get paid way to much and have had a free ride through collage.
    So fix that first cry baby.

  • Electrodude 10 months ago

    Is the National Black Justice Coalition connected to the BLM anti America Marxist organization?

  • Nadine Gothgirl 10 months ago

    I hope you guys are doing well again soon. USA is in a really bad condition right now, not only but to a big part because of the orange with the toupet. Thinking of you and wishing you well! Greetings from Austria

  • Gavin Porter 10 months ago

    Same dude that set up the nfl agreement behind closed doors 🥱 …. without Kap … it’s nice to see kap matters to him now 🙄

  • Michelle 10 months ago

    🗣”We’re not willing to inch forward with small reforms”

  • Benjamin Loh 10 months ago

    What event does that painting behind Malcolm depict?

  • glennsteven 0917 10 months ago

    Another black guest!….What a surprise……NOT!

  • goldeneaglereborn 10 months ago


  • Sid Malhotra 10 months ago

    Black lives matter 💯

  • xeon22 10 months ago

    Wow, the days of the dumb jock are a thing of the past. My respect and admiration for Malcolm Jenkins just shot to indefinite high levels after this interview!

  • Dr. Z 10 months ago

    Not only is Malcolm an extremely talented athlete, but he’s an amazing & inspiring person as well. The city of Philadelphia will really miss him. He has been (and continues to be) one of sports’ greatest civil rights activists, and has dedicated much of his off-the-field life to improving the lives of those in his communities, and giving a voice to those across the nation who have historically lacked one. I am really happy that CNN will be giving him a national platform for his voice to be heard by a larger audience. He certainly deserves it.

  • HIGH VOLTAGE 10 months ago

    No… Justice
    No… Peace
    Prosecute The Police
    The Racist Police
    Criminals In Costumes
    The New Slave Catchers
    Enforcing The Slave Codes
    The Black Codes
    Jim Crow Laws
    Unjust Laws
    Qualified Immunity
    Blue Wall Of Silence
    Police Union’s Brutality
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    Ruth Wilson Gilmore
    Thank… You

  • Renz 10 months ago

    Marxism is bad mmmkay.

  • Aleke Mwales 10 months ago

    Cant wait to hear TN’s analysis on Tito Don Trump’s press conference NY cage comments

  • Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 10 months ago

    Over 66% of the jails in America are run by for profit corporations. We have the most incarcerated people per capita on the entire planet.

  • Be Successful 10 months ago

    Mr. Noah, can u plz watch Omar Suleiman’s videos on you tube🙏🙏

  • Kelli Allen 10 months ago

    Intelligent interview. Thanks very much.

  • Zoomer101 Xue 10 months ago

    Your not getting rid of the past so stop living in it like its going away.

  • Samir Boswell 10 months ago


  • Soldier S 10 months ago

    Black people are out of there mind thinking anything will change by voting for a new emperor/king/president, 1. The electoral college chooses the next president the avarage citizens vote get thrown in the trash, 2.u are attempting to use a broken system to fix black problems in america which will never happen,3.having to depend on another nation slash race to help blacks and Hispanics which are the same people historically believe it or not to help blacks and Hispanics show the true majority that we our still european captives/slaves (when will this embecile type of foolery end) (if you have to use the enemies phone to call for help don’t be surprised when it’s disconnected from) the same people who put you in slavery wwhi hate you are now going to love you and give you you freedom that not how america got it’s freedom from Brittain it went to war and fought wake up people ,stop being america’s puppets , and stop asking the devil for help ,how did christopher columbo and the Spanish conquistadorks take this already discovered and colonized land is the same way it must be taken back , and the true minorities overstand that..this isn’t hate just FACTS

  • Silver Wixdom 10 months ago

    # Black Lives Matter

  • Sekena Mcmurren 10 months ago

    I remember ✊

  • Sekena Mcmurren 10 months ago

    I’m still waiting for a team to pick up Colin K. (4years) I’ll continue to wait.⌛😒

  • Whitney Bowens 10 months ago

    All the Referees are racist against the Brown’s Bengals and Lions😘

  • Hasan Sharif 10 months ago

    So basically what Malcolm said was people regardless of their skin color needs to come together to take down racism.

  • Peter percy 10 months ago

    Let’s change the world

  • Jam Man 10 months ago

    How does a Professional Coach coach something they’ve never played professionally?

  • Luuk_ Twister 10 months ago

    1:50 I find it absolutely deplorable that in the United States, you have to register to vote. In my country (The Netherlands) this happens automatically, because this is the best for the democratic process. Can somebody explain to me why this is not a thing in Democracy inc. (a.k.a. the USA)?

  • Kimberly Green 10 months ago

    Just a thought: COVID slowed the world down so we could hear the what disadvantage folks have been saying.

  • Cease Fire 10 months ago

    A father beats their child mercilessly. When the child turns 18 the father has a change of heart and says, “Sorry, here’s an ice cream cone. Are we good now?”

  • Saimazing Life 10 months ago

    Our patients is up 💯👍🏾✊🏾

  • The Strawberry Pimp 10 months ago

    Racial divide in football 😆 that’s rich

  • Bigmama 56 10 months ago

    I just have to say I love Trevor’s interviewing skills 😘😘😘

  • Sandro Martinez 10 months ago

  • Sandro Martinez 10 months ago


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