Major Biden’s Been a Bad Boy

Published on March 10, 2021

James Corden kicks off an episode that will feature Tracy Morgan and Kings of Leon, which reminds him of a night he and executive producer Ben Winston went to a concert and Ben accidentally punched James in the face during “Sex On Fire.” After, James recaps the headlines including President Joe Biden addressing the nation in primetime, but it’s unlikely he’ll comment on one of his dogs being sent to the dog house for biting security staff. And the show goes on quite a tangent when the 2021 Olympics comes up.

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  • Joan Vida 3 years ago

    You get funnier by the month.

  • richard cariven 3 years ago

    True story, back in 2003/4 my gf’s best friend slept with one of the members of Kings of Leon after a gig in Bham and caught an STD, gives that song a whole new meaning.

  • DR Boze 3 years ago

    “The British can’t make the pieces fit” in a pun. That was the genius of the Irishman Dave Allen.

  • Giuliano Cavazos 3 years ago

    Amazing episode. This reminds me of band mates bullshit. Smash hits!!!

  • Joseph Fuller 3 years ago

    I think the edibles kicked in before they filmed this.

  • mick funk 3 years ago

    🙂 yeah! l’ol

  • LeNa 3 years ago

    When you get that burning sensation ……uhm…. not good, just sayin’
    Let’s say, it’ll not be a smash hit… x_X

  • Go cuk 3 years ago

    Everyone on the show is losing weight, but making jokes about it is wrong.

  • maryhazlett 3 years ago

    Let’s just forget about future audiences. This way is so much fun!

  • bubba gump 3 years ago

    Rasmussen just released a poll showing that more than half of Americans feel that biden isn’t fit to be president, and you talk about his dog?
    Also first president in modern history not to hold a solo unscripted press conference 45 days into his presidency…

  • Fabi 3 years ago

    Laughing at jokes to fit in?
    Definitely not me!
    I’m laughing at jokes that I don’t understand, even if I’m watching this alone.

  • Primitive Cooking Skill 3 years ago

    Love how celebrities can do things that have absolutely no relevance to the world and everyone cares, food for thought…

  • D Bone 3 years ago

    So… When they played their one and only hit?

  • Ariel Mansell 3 years ago

    saw a documentary on Kings of Leon and it seemed like the most “cousin loving” bible thumping history that this band comes from! Kinda gross!


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