Magician Dan White’s Hidden Spike Trick with Jimmy Fallon

Published on February 9, 2016

Illusionist Dan White hides a nail in one of five paper bags and has Jimmy and the Tonight Show audience take turns randomly choosing which he should smash with his hand.

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  • kilokibble 4 years ago

    David Blaine did this to Kanye

  • Julian Edelman 4 years ago

    This trick is pretty stupid..there are too many ways to fool the audience
    if he turns his back on them.

  • Anthony M 4 years ago

    theres an extra fold in the bag thats how he can tell

  • Alan Lam 4 years ago

    Neat Zork! Hello There, record questionable What’s your opinion about thiw

  • Asher Halperin 4 years ago

    I always say you aren’t a good magician unless you pretend you got

  • anon03030605 4 years ago

    i’m sorry but after seeing david blaine do this trick nobody else can
    really compare

  • Sanju Wayne 4 years ago

    I know this trick. There is a pin in every pack but they are not attached
    to the block, he just kept it there along with the blocks. When he attached
    on pin to the block and was shuffling it without anybody looking, he took
    off the pin from the block and just placed it alongside the block in the
    packet. So none of the packets hurt him. In the end when he was taking out
    the block, he put the pin inside the block when they were still in the
    packet and took them out as if they were attached together.

  • Billy Wong 4 years ago

    when the audience called out no.3, he re-number the remaining bags.

  • Matthew Rodriguez 4 years ago

    David Blaine did it with no blocks

  • Nakitu Mizajashi 4 years ago

    Previous trick (the one with metal detector) was a lot better. Though,
    still obvious, but way better than this one.

  • ndgv2 4 years ago

    what an amateur trick.

  • YourLocalNerd 4 years ago

    Pretty floored magic…

  • Adrian Popescu 4 years ago

    All the bags have spikes in them! Am I the only one who noticed the way he
    removes each bag after hitting them? You must have noticed that too, right?
    Nice adaptation of the trick!

  • Farhan Fadlillah 4 years ago

    The first guy who caught the ball looked like Lloyd Ahlquist.

  • gettinrhythm 4 years ago

    mehh. this tricks way overdone. I thought there’d be some twist. shit

  • Jordan Berry 4 years ago

    I’m Impresseh! Sup yo! oceanic afterthought ! !!!

  • Cozmic Mojo 4 years ago

    I’m sure he takes the nail out when he turned around but what I don’t get
    is how he put it back in at the end. When he goes to open the final bag
    it’s obvious the nail wasn’t there already so it had to be up his sleeve
    but he had no time to take it out of his sleeve. Even if it was resting up
    his sleeve and there’s a really strong magnet in the wood, he still grabbed
    the nail by the tip when he took it out so that can’t be possible. The nail
    had to be there already. He did this some other way.

  • Mark Muthike 4 years ago

    The bag with the nail had a little fold at the bottom, am guessing that’s
    how the audience knew from their side or nah!?

  • Affngesicht 4 years ago

    if you want to see this trick go wrong look for “Center TV Zauberer mit nem
    Nagel Trick” on youtube. some one did it on live german television and it
    didnt work out.

  • MegaBullet50 4 years ago

    Jimmy needs to watch Pain Olympics if he thinks this is cringe worthy.

  • eminemmaniac1103 4 years ago

    Remember we never saw the other side of the bags it could’ve been marked

  • Sebastian Jensen 4 years ago

    Nailed it! (Magicians will know)

  • HomemadeIndie 4 years ago

    he felt the bag and used nlp

  • TheTimeRocket 4 years ago

    a few vids out there were this tricks goes wrong.. ouch.

  • Miika Vuohelainen 4 years ago

    4:08 He pulls back Jimmys hand to choose the target..

  • mason countiss 4 years ago

    David Blaine did this trick first

  • Kush1nator 4 years ago

    Isn’t this basically that Derren Brown trick from a few years back?

  • Teodor Enblom 4 years ago

    As a magician myself I do quite enjoy all the speculation going on in the
    comments about how this trick is done. I have read the comment section for
    almost 10 minutes and I have yet to find anyone who has got it right.
    Everyone seems to believe that he pulls out the spike and puts it in his
    sleeve. Alltough I won’t explain this trick to anyone because of the
    magicians code, I will tell you that he does not put it in his sleeve at
    any point during the trick.

  • Simen Amundsen 4 years ago


  • Sam M. 4 years ago

    I don’t think this is done using the normal method of spikes at the bottom
    of all bags and sleight of hand taking the nail out. First, the final bag
    IS the exact bag he put the spike in, you can tell by a slight crease on
    the bottom edge that other bags don’t have. Second, Jimmy checks the bag
    before it’s closed and he doesn’t put his hand in it before closing it.
    Watching at .25 speed, that bag is out of sight for half a second, but
    Jimmy would see if he tilted the bag. His hand also doesn’t go deep enough
    into the bag to replace the nail.

    I really think this is mentalism rather than sleight of hand. He knows
    which bag has the nail and he words his questions carefully so it always
    gives him an out. He doesn’t ask the first two audience members which bag
    the nail is in, he asks them to pick a bag by number. The final two bags,
    he has Jimmy pick one, and if Jimmy picks the unsafe one, he smashes his
    own hand on the other one.

  • Stony Stone 4 years ago

    Why did he switch the same bags

  • Wesley Willoughby McCollum 4 years ago

    His trick is literally up his sleeve

  • Maya Bain 4 years ago

    omg ?

  • David Story 4 years ago

    bag was marked! Jimmy was in on it. .lol

  • Sir Nonchalant 4 years ago

    Luckily neither Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman were in the audience.

  • Muhd Aiman 4 years ago

    This is an awful tricks. Its not even a magic. At first, the magician
    already stack the bag and shuffle the bag on his own so, he must already
    know the bag that contain the nail. Then, to trick the audience, he ask the
    audience to choose the bag without the nail. But, he is already know where
    the nail is.. Urgghhh such a shame..

  • Muhd Aiman 4 years ago

    This is an awful tricks. Its not even a magic. At first, the magician
    already stack the bag and shuffle the bag on his own so, he must already
    know the bag that contain the nail. Then, to trick the audience, he ask the
    audience to choose the bag without the nail. But, he is already know where
    the nail is.. Urgghhh such a shame..

  • mobspeak 4 years ago

    I could tell which one it was since the beginning, the bag with the spike
    had an extra crease on the bottom, it also had a dot on the top left side
    (viewer left). Boring.

  • thejokerlover 4 years ago

    I love how everyone is saying it’s an old trick and over done but I’m
    sitting here extremely entertained because I’ve never ever seen it done
    before ???

  • QuantumBraced 4 years ago

    So the only way to do this reliably is to remove the spike in the beginning
    and then put it back in at the end, right?

  • PyromaniacForce 4 years ago

    At 1:12 you can notice he knows where is the bag with the nail and later on
    he puts it towards the end of the table…

  • Tab Valentino 4 years ago

    The bags are clearly marked. When he does his little spin he marks the bag
    with the nail. Oldest trick in the book.

  • Redwave357 4 years ago

    Was he on Americas got Talent?

  • jarrod2292 4 years ago

    More faker than my girlfriends tits

  • Pete Pridanonda 4 years ago

    I own and perform this version of the spike trick and none of your guesses
    are correct LOL. It’s fun to see what kind of imagination you guys and
    girls have though :)

  • J -Zenberg 4 years ago

    Does Magician mean being lucky these days?

  • anikingroundwalker1 4 years ago

    He placed a sticker on the bag with the spike as he was switching them or
    just remembered what that bag looked like

  • Dean Moore 4 years ago

    The bottom of the bag has a small crease in it (bottom right hand corner)
    with the nail in it. All the bags look the same but that one. Then Jimmy
    directs the last few choices…that is a very weak trick :(

  • Peace Nation 4 years ago

    Even though I know he knows what he’s doing and that there’s no way for him
    to get impaled, this is still a super intense video.

  • Christopher Cudney 4 years ago

    sadly you could see the move at the end

  • Floran Peters 4 years ago


  • Snake Plissken 4 years ago

    This trick has been around for decades.

    When he puts his hand into the bag, he slides the nail up his sleeve.

    When he puts his hand back into the bag to show the nail is there, in
    reality he is sliding the nail back down his sleeve onto the board.


  • Jordan Johnson 4 years ago

    So many people here are dumb af. The nail was never in any of the bags. He
    slides it up his sleeve when he puts his hand in the bag and slides it out
    of his sleeve on the last bag. Doesn’t matter what bag was picked or if the
    bags were marked or whatever dumbass idea you guys think of. The nail was
    never in any of them.

  • Houssam El Makhtoum 4 years ago


  • Patriot Island 4 years ago

    ive had a 5 inch nail pierced through my left feet before, and i don’t know
    if its because i was in shocked but i only felt a little pain, but when it
    got swollen later on, that was a different story

  • Austin C 4 years ago

    Sleeves and scripting. Hurrah for ‘magic’

  • Hemen He-Man 4 years ago

    The Fifth bag is rigged as hell… as you can see on the buttom right of
    the bag it is kinda folded.. i knew he woudnt touch it no matter what the
    audience said…

  • michael SonofJack 4 years ago

    “Dur, I dunno how he do it?!!!”

  • suzawilo 4 years ago

    Random person my a**?

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 4 years ago

    the key to this trick is to play the words of the audience selection. he
    can just spin whatever number they choose into being safe or having the
    spike. if someone had picked 3, he would have turned that selection into
    the one with the nail

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 4 years ago

    another way to do this trick is to have the pin pop up with a switch. so
    when he reaches in to get it out he flips the switch

  • Lviathn 4 years ago

    for a sec i thought fallon was jimmy kimmel

  • ThatBro Kevin 4 years ago

    I really hate this trick. Honestly.

  • BLACKMETALMUZIK 4 years ago


  • none 4 years ago

    I mean COMON…28 seconds in the block he pulled out had a nail in it…the
    last one he knew didnt…if he didnt put the apple on the nail straight on
    it would have collapsed like the rest of them PATHETIC…

  • Sean 4 years ago

    first guy was in on it he picked 2 making the nail 2. the other guy was
    actually random and he wouldnt pick 2 again

  • Malware Breakdown 4 years ago

    You’re one purpose in life is to fake like what you’re doing is real. What
    a career!

  • Simen Amundsen 4 years ago

    Heyc. Breathtaking0 like devilish What do you think, guys/..

  • Jona Horn 4 years ago

    It looks likh. You’ve Outdone Yourself0 smoke shade What’s your opinion
    about that !

  • Minoumimi 4 years ago

    This trick has been seen 800 times by now in all got talent shows in the
    past 2 years, There is nothing fun about this anyways… seeing someone
    risk hurting himself in a stupid way…
    Was wondering why i watch more Conan lately and now i really don’’s
    Jimmy go back to your late night roots… you are getting way too much
    mainstream and exposing yourself has a fake Barbie doll for your camera’s
    acting has if you are now hosting sesame street… Your show only is 2
    hours earlier… then before its not 8 am..
    Why does this feel like i am watching the meteo channel now…

    On that note though it is a bit sad if you look at jimmy’s left hand how
    crooked his finger is. Hand injuries just never heal right do they.
    But it is nice to finally see him be able to use both hands, But less Kid
    crap Jimmy!

  • Maverick 4 years ago

    David Blane is the one who has been doing this.. He did it on his
    special… Dude needs to be more original

  • Jezza24681 4 years ago

    I reckon he put a sticker on the one with the spike when he had his back
    turned and they acted like they didn’t see it

  • Jarod Wilfred 4 years ago

    I’ve seen this trick several times and i still cringe when he/she hits
    his/her hand on the bag

  • sada alene 4 years ago

    at 1:09 after he put the nail in the bag watch he put his finger
    exclusively he knows where its :,) he didnt really mix it at 1:36 he check
    it to make sure at the third bag . and jimmy didn’t mix the bag with the
    nail. but he knows watch it.

  • TheRedMarauder 4 years ago

    I knew what bag it was in since the beginning. He didn’t fold it good
    enough from opening it so it was alittle different than the others

  • Atticus Rex 4 years ago

    Someone’s seen Mr. Blaine

  • Morgan Freeman 4 years ago

    I love to eat cheetos puff

  • Elektronik 4 years ago

    you wanna see a german magician fails at this trick on live tv ?
    type in youtube “zauberer mit nem nagel-trick” translated : magician with a
    nail-trick .. but search with the german sentence.

  • Jeremy Woodward 4 years ago

    You’re A Naturdl. Hey there. changeable pale What’s your opinion about

  • Nghtmare 4 years ago

    Why didnt he show the whole block in the beginning?!?!?!?!?!?
    I havent watched the whole vid yet… just my 1st observation….

  • TopTribute Bands 4 years ago

    His shaking hand makes it more real even if we all know it is a trick and
    ends ok.

  • Andreas neophytou 4 years ago

    Oh wow. Is this a new trick? I’ve not seen this one before. Nope. Never.

  • EXTREMELY HARD CORE 4 years ago

    Well what did you expect dummies! real magic? or real tricks! lolololol

  • Fernando Kittrell 4 years ago

    I’m pausing this so I can make this comment: ok so obviously what’s gonna
    happen is he’s gonna go through all of them and none of them are going to
    have a nail. I mean if it did have a nail it wouldn’t be much of magic

  • Tatsuro VK 4 years ago

    Would’ve been mindblowing if the nail disappeared instead.

  • samooryesord 4 years ago

    Is the nail in the block with magnets? And he places it on the block when
    he reaches in to grab it?

  • Maytee Garpot 4 years ago

    old trick

  • Milo Dvanche 4 years ago

    there is a mark on the back of the bag

  • terry4prez 4 years ago

    Penn and Teller’s deconstructed version of this is infinitely better.

  • Lavean 4 years ago

    Did you guys see the german magician where the trick went terribly wrong
    and he actually accidentally slammed the nail through his hand.

  • adam munez 4 years ago


  • Diego Savage 4 years ago

    Definitely didn’t copy Darren Brown >.>

  • Linda Latina 4 years ago

    lol too funny

  • Christopher Hitchens 4 years ago

    not that amazing every bag got nail inside when he push down the bag he do
    it from the side not from the top.

  • Vaquero 357 4 years ago

    there is a video of this effect on youtube performed with steak
    knives…the magician used a woman volunteer and it went wrong…knife thru
    her hand. no kidding, its horrible. felt so bad for her and the magician.

  • adam apple 4 years ago

    I don’t know how this trick was done, but the magician does touch the bags
    quite a bit throughout the trick, for no apparent reason at all but to
    probably test by weight or movement of what’s inside where the nail is. As
    for the audience’s participation, I’m stumped on that one and how they
    chose the empty bags every time.

  • Brad ers 4 years ago

    same trick like everyone else who done this shitty trick…

  • ‫تيم صوفيا‬‎ 4 years ago

    Did you expect that ?

  • Emery BC 4 years ago

    they’re finally airing the real reason why his hand was in a cast


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