Magician Dan White Plays Hand Pocket with Jimmy Fallon

Published on August 22, 2015

Dan White tries to guess if Jimmy is holding a coin in his hand or pocket by making him think of random objects, colors and people.

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  • TRiley 4 years ago

    One of the first!

  • Mike Cunningham 4 years ago

    So America finally has its own Derren Brown.

  • Haakon Johan Skogly 4 years ago

    Hey Man!

    Like Or You Will Wake Up With Susan Boyle

  • JockelzF 4 years ago

    Jimmy seems high :D

  • AM3R1CANSPARTAN 4 years ago

    Never been this early to a Jimmy Fallon video……….. What up fam

  • Jasmine Ezra 4 years ago

    Quest love is just like ‘who is this sorcerer?!’ Hhahahahahaha

  • Luk Yat Ming 4 years ago

    when ever jimmy has it in the pocket, he will think about the thing that is
    associated with the pocket like with the coffee cup, when dan said to think
    of the coffee cup, he looked up to think about a coffee cup, and when he
    said think of red, he immediately blinked

  • Eli Nir 4 years ago

    It’s easy. He knows what pocket its in by feeling the pocket and then he
    chooses what each decision represents.

  • terrylogginss 4 years ago

    magic?? Logic.

  • Aaron Frawley 4 years ago

    Okay i think i figured out he did it , firstly the note always had those
    three things on it so it wasnt tampered with , note that he always
    suggested things to jimmy after he had already made the choice. So he had
    on his a tell on weather or not the coin was in jimmys hand or not (which
    could have been a magnet or metal detector his ring as it goes by jimmys
    pocket and hand multiple times or something simple as how he held it or the
    blood in his hand or even organised before hand which would be really lame)
    then he made the suggestion based on the fact that he already knew where
    the coin was. Pretty simple.

  • Dimitri Bitu 4 years ago

    I dont know the coin trick but the dollar bill trick is easy to figure out.

  • Dimitri Bitu 4 years ago

    I’m guessing his ring on his left hand have some magnet that can feel the
    coin. He always pass his habd close to Jimmy’s hand and pocket.

  • Monika Huxley 4 years ago

    Oh Jimmy, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Jimmy, hey, hey, hey Jimmy!
    He is suuuch a Cutie!

  • mercilessv 4 years ago

    3:58 It’s Morphin’ Time!

  • Jordan Cooper 4 years ago

    How the hell did he do that ?

  • rdmsteven 4 years ago

    Well that wasn’t hard to figure out at all… The coin is either wired or
    some trick was done with it that the magician can tell if it’s in his
    pocket or not… He wrote the answers on the dollar bill before he came
    onto the show… So at this point all he has to do is to make him say
    “red”; so this means that if the coin was in his pocket he would say “think
    red if it’s in your pocket and think blue if it’s not…” Doesn’t take much
    to figure this out

  • stalkermuch 4 years ago

    he touched jimmy shoulder every time he’s ready to give the suggestion..
    its subtle but obvious when you look at it.. all he has to do is know where
    the coin is and make the suggestion.

  • Flgator s' 4 years ago

    1:05 bottom left. Was pirlo on the show??

  • SlipknotMaggot0526 4 years ago

    He knew if it was in his hand or not before he said what to think about
    because Jimmy would blink or close his eyes and think. That would be before
    he would suggest what he would think about if it was in his hand, such as
    thinking of a coffee cup. But he would assign the coffee cup or whatever
    else he had on the $10 bill to Jimmy’s hand or pocket, whichever one the
    coin actually was in. He didn’t trick Jimmy, he tricked the audience into
    believing that the decision of in his hand or in his pocket was after he
    assigned what to think about, but he already could tell when he first asks
    if it’s in his hand. You can tell he pauses after that then assigns who or
    what to think about.

  • 101soccersyd 4 years ago

    I literally got them all right so I guess I’m a magician too it’s all about
    human behavior

  • Michael Jaszewski 4 years ago

    Scripted as fuck

  • Zach Tolstoy 4 years ago

    its a trick called oculus, penguin much

  • Paul Tavake 4 years ago


  • Gerald Dias 4 years ago

    i did not fall for this one, because that was a special coin that lets him
    know if it is being pressed or not, all he had to do was associate red,
    coffee cup, and the musician. to what he had written on the bills.

  • BellaLove 4 years ago

    I love magicians that are so original and do tricks that no one else has

  • Dan Berry 4 years ago

    If you look at the set and people, Jimmy was programmed into making biased
    choices. Watch the video again, paying close attention to the colors red
    and blue. The stage lighting was dimmed, with strategic red or blue

    On the second guess, he points Jimmy to think of his coffee cup on his desk
    (where the back wall is lit BLUE with minimal red)… and when he asks him
    to think of the coffee cup, he snaps his finger up in the air to draw
    Jimmy’s attention to the blue wall, and snaps it low to think of his
    pocket. When he asks again for Jimmy to choose, Jimmy’s eyes twitch and
    react. Jimmy made it easy.

    On the third guess, notice that at 4:12 he purposely places his finger
    directly in front of Jimmy’s face and ‘taps’ towards Questlove (who is
    wearing a RED HEART), and then (presumably, since it’s off-screen) only
    refers to Higgins (who is wearing a BLUE suit/shirt).

    And the final reveal of the bill at the end? No magic whatsoever. Dan White
    knew *exactly* where he was leading Jimmy. He just wrote down the answers
    ahead of time, and even threw in a nice drawing of Questlove on the bill.

  • Aesithair Runekafi 4 years ago

    United States Code
    333. Mutilation of national bank obligations

    Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or
    unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill,
    draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking
    association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System,
    with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence
    of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

  • Chezyy Hugo 4 years ago

    ok,i know the last trick,he wrote those things with his thumb on his thumb
    there was a little peace of graphite,but how the hell did he drew that afro

  • StarCrusher 4 years ago

    anyone else who doesn’t care how its done and is just impresses by this

  • weedbgone 4 years ago

    This was kind of dumb

  • Minimal Pro | by Sean Lee 4 years ago

    At 2:59 Dan White gives it away when he says “Oh, I feel ya” when the
    wireless coin censor vibrates in his left pocket :)

  • Allan Smith 4 years ago

    Fail when he made him take it out his inside pocket and put it on his
    outside pocket

  • thinkofwhy 4 years ago

    it’s very simple: coin is rigged to be detected via magnetic sensor, which
    is in magicians pocket. before giving options he moves close enough to
    Jimmy’s pocket to determine where the coin is. then he changes the order of
    the options to match the order on the 10 dollar bill.

  • synb0t 4 years ago

    Too bad Jimmy Fallon put the original $10 bill he was handed in his breast
    pocket INSIDE of his jacket. At the end of the bit he pulls a DIFFERENT $10
    bill from his handkerchief pocket on the OUTSIDE of his jacket. The two
    pockets are not interchangeable on a men’s suit jacket.The whole thing was

  • Armani Browne 4 years ago


  • nessmalone 4 years ago

    Dan White RULES!!!

  • Dan Slash 4 years ago

    I subscribed today, but sorry I must unsubscribe. It feels like I’m
    cheating on Conan O’brien.

  • Shanaynay Reid 4 years ago


  • Gina Myers 4 years ago

    This is amazing. Quest Love for president!

  • Jilli Spencer 4 years ago

    Quest love has the best reactions

  • Derrick Rose 4 years ago

    realised how he touches jimmys shoulder every time before he makes his

  • AleahKCH 4 years ago

    Quest sounds like he got punched in the stomach lol

  • James Norris 4 years ago

    micro expressions.

  • Sami A 4 years ago

    lol it’s just psychology and study of the signs in the face and body
    movement that gives away truth and lies

  • Isaiah Leverty 4 years ago

    He already knew what the questions he was gonna ask jimmy. So it was really
    all about him reading Jimmy’s facial expression to see if he was lying. And
    also practice, in dealing with statistical choices in a 50/50 chance

  • James J 4 years ago

    This is a trick you might expect a clown to do at your 5-year-old cousin’s

  • SNOWMΛN 4 years ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, a mentalist.

    Magicians don’t exist.

  • vekindergeet 4 years ago

    jimmy looks just right hung.

  • Qermaq 4 years ago

    Very neatly done. Until the final reveal, I had the wrong method. But every
    move is a force, so he needs to know where the coin is. Computers to the
    rescue! Damn fine trick.

  • Cameron Zwick 4 years ago

    Low key we just watched Jimmy whip multiple times

  • Michael Sabo 4 years ago

    this is phycology play.

  • Maggi Leung 4 years ago

    He probably switched the bill with a bill that was already marked so he had
    9 bills to start with.

  • Jared Lutes 4 years ago

    Is jimmy a little drunk here ?

  • 8mase1 4 years ago

    he has to open the bottom button of his vest, no style this man.
    but the trick was very impressive

  • Nash Fung 4 years ago

    ok that is freaking ingenious!

  • EETFUK 4 years ago

    ah yes always the youtube magicians come out and ruin the fun right?…

  • Chioma Uruakpa 4 years ago

    obviously sold his soul to satan

  • ndgv2 4 years ago

    the trick isnt that hard, but this was still fun. I think Jimmy was
    honestly confused, and that made it work. fun fun. also, that magaician
    looked sharp as hell. devilishly handsome that one. I loved this video.
    well done.

  • Summer 4 years ago

    i hate magicians

  • ayngemac 4 years ago

    OMG HOW DID HE DO THAT??? I want $ with Quest on it!

  • andrea collins 4 years ago

    Leave my childhood magic fantasy alive!!! Stop explaining the magic. It’s
    magic. It’s like unicorns and fairies and pots of gold. It’s real 

  • Monkey Juggler 4 years ago

    I don’t know if Jimmy was going out of his way to be the cutest person on
    earth during this? – I think it just comes naturally to him.

  • l8on99 4 years ago

    He basically just read Jimmy but as for the last part of the trick I saw
    him make the switch right after he showed us the word red, then he replaces
    the bill with the one that has the right answers on it, All it takes is a
    slight of hand and reading Jimmy which is the easiest thing on the planet.
    No trick really here IMO, but good entertainment nonetheless.

  • Mike Shepard 4 years ago

    I cant do this myself but its basically just pupil dilation hes looking
    for. But the stuff on the bill is just kind of sketchy.

  • JC Rio 4 years ago

    First thought for the hand-pocket guessing, he uses a kind of magnet or
    something that vibes when he’s close to the coin (that’s why he always
    either moves his right hand around the pocket or the hand).
    Regards the bill, I’m not sure. David Blaine used to do a lot of tricks
    with stuff written on a bill too, it’s a classic but I don’t know how they
    do it. I guess they had a couple of bills prepared and they change it at
    the last minute..?

    Last thing, they didn’t rehearse and that’s a real magician trick. Check
    out Dynamo, David Blaine and many others if you think Jimmy was playing to
    fool the audience.

  • yourpuppetnews 4 years ago

    This is bullshit, all in all he had 0.125 chance of getting it right after
    three guesses, the fact that this is supposed to be impressive enough to be
    aired on Fallon is a joke

  • SwedudeEPIC 4 years ago

    White devil, white magic!!!

  • GETFOOK 4 years ago

    Jimmy was in this trick. And the bill already had them words on it. Easy.

  • Mohamed Farouk 4 years ago

    Tariq has finally made it..on a dollar bill. :D

  • Bas Hickey 4 years ago


    He has no printer in his pants nor would someone behind the screens hand
    him a printed note based on Fallon’s responses. So:

    White has six 6 notes in his pocket(watch him fidget his right sleeve after
    each succesful guess, when his back his turned to Fallon) for all
    combinations, 2 x 2 x 2 = 6.

    White gives the possible answers such as red and blue. If Fallon would
    improvise those, the trick would fall flat. With White giving Red/Blue,
    Coffee cup/Microphone, etc. as options, White can create the 10 dollar
    bills beforehand.

    He asks Fallon to think of the color red or blue(for example) corresponding
    with the coin behing in his pocket or his hand. But he asks this, once
    Fallon’s hand is already out. Notice how White moves his hands around
    Fallon everytime he’s just about to guess where the coin is. Most likely,
    White can sense where the coin is. But not with magic, with his ring, or
    something in his hands. A small device that would tremble/tingle in his
    hand. Something only White could notice. Such a device would not be
    difficult to conceal. He cannot do this by the way, if he would move his
    hands around Fallon when Fallon’s hand is still in his pocket. So he asks
    only when Fallon has made decision and his hand is out.

    So thorugh modern technqiue he knows where the coin is on Fallon’s body.

    Once he knows, he shifts the notes in his right sleeve, eleminating 2
    options at every turn.

    He’s able do this with pre written bills because White decides what to name
    it when the coin is in Fallon’s pocket or hand, at all 3 stages of the

    Now the final sleight of hand, a very old one. Fallon needs to take the
    note out of his pocket slowly, Fallon does not show the bill. White does.
    You can tell the 10 dollar bill moves somewhat unnatural when he shows how
    the bill has all the right answers, one by one. That’s because, White
    already holds the note he eventually shows. And he has to conceal Fallon’s
    note whilst showing the rightnote(one of 6) he had in his right sleeve all
    the time.

    Magic is of course not real. Magic on TV is hard to pull off because it’s
    easy to analyse. Just saw this Fallon episode on Dutch TV and wanted to
    share my thoughts.

  • Q'uo Daax 4 years ago

    I saw the switch, but it’s a fun act nonetheless.

  • hasseb 4 years ago

    So… On the bill, he wrote down the words he suggested? Wow, such amaze.

  • 82 Pythons 4 years ago


  • SCS GamEs 4 years ago

    i just love the tonight show

  • CanadaCordy 4 years ago

    He has something, likely magnetic, in his ring and his cuff. He will feel
    something when his cuff or ring is near coin therefore allowing him to
    guess right. He then manipulates the answer so that it matches what is on
    the note already.

  • Daniella Kaplan 4 years ago


  • Kiki Sanchez 4 years ago

    now you just have to get David Blaine

  • Lorraine Donnelly 4 years ago

    5:21 switches the notes to suit Jimmy choices.

  • TheGoodGuy4U 4 years ago

    Quest love reaction priceless!! hahaha

  • Sebastian Reinhardt 4 years ago

    he has got some device on his right wrist so he can check where the coin
    is… he switched it on, when he turned away from jimmy

  • Twirree 4 years ago

    Oldest trick in the book, Been done a million times on TV and the
    interwebz. Still cool though!

  • UK COPPER 4 years ago

    is the show on a break ?? did fallon hurt himself again ?

  • Franco De Rose 4 years ago

    Ok he knew beforehand where the coin was so he said red because he knew it
    was on Jimmys hand, and then it did it with the other things, the question
    is how did he knew where the coin was…. mmm

  • LaughCryShine 4 years ago

    He’s hot

  • Ozzy R 4 years ago

    A three year old could read Jimmy Fallon.

  • Laisa Leroy 4 years ago

    I thought he was James Franco from the thumbnail

  • MrChesuire 4 years ago

    Cracked with laugh when Higgins appeared)))

  • MinusGoogle 4 years ago

    ANSWERS: the coin is magnetic – magician has electronic sensor so he knows
    right away which way Jimmy has chosen. Then Jimmy is steered towards what
    is prepared on Bill while making it seem random. Google “Sixth Sense 2.5”
    to see one variation on this classic product.

  • cb7pwn 4 years ago

    he looks like a Hemsworth bro

  • Марта Иванова 4 years ago


  • Mr. Conde 4 years ago


  • jabberina 4 years ago

    More! I want to see more MAGIC!

  • Nicole 4 years ago


  • 808haynlala 4 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon is acting its that simple

  • AERrJORDAN 4 years ago

    All FAKE! Jimmy was in to it!
    I called it

  • MrJambot 4 years ago

    Metal detector. That’s why he swipes.


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