Magic Johnson on Michael Jordan’s Famous Shrug, Tom Brady’s Success & the Great Tommy Lasorda

Published on February 4, 2021

Magic talks about encouraging people to get vaccinated, his many championship rings, the documentary being made about him, funding $325 million dollars in PPP loans for women and minority-owned businesses, Tom Brady heading to the Super Bowl again, and hanging out with the late great Tommy Lasorda.

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  • Kouz 1 year ago

    I’d be smiling all the time if I was a hall of famer and the owner of literally every team in LA😂😂😂

  • Montilla Weathersby 1 year ago


  • Ali Hussain 1 year ago

    There’s a lot of talk around BLM and police brutality against the black community is a serious issue, but it is not the only issue. We are beginning to see Black Billionaires but It would be really great to see a Black Middle Class, so kudos to this man for supporting Black & Latino businesses. It’s always nice to see people who don’t forget where they came from. Prayers & Blessings Magic.

  • Peggy Gibbons 1 year ago

    I adore him! The sweetest, happiest guy EVER!!

  • Marcos Martínez 1 year ago

    Daaammnn. Magic makes everybody better, not just in a basketball team. Even Jimmy turned into a better interviewer than Carson just to interview Magic.

  • Nisa PDX 1 year ago

    Magic’s laugh is so contagious. I need more friends like him in my life so they can laugh at all my jokes.

  • Dirk Martil 1 year ago

    All class.

  • NATURAL GAMING 1 year ago

    Brady =🐐

  • outlawrickenbacker 1 year ago

    ‘Magic’ is like Dolly Parton: American Treasure

  • Clifton Manley 1 year ago

    I always found basketball way too easy. I don’t see the attraction of easy.

  • Andy H 1 year ago

    Magic should teach a class to current athletes about how to be successful businessmen.

  • Tommy Pollyblank 1 year ago

    I remember your rookie card

  • Joel Roher 1 year ago

    What a wonderful idea, the athletes being vaccinated in public, to encourage others who are now reluctant to join in. PERFECT!!

  • cunobelinusX31 1 year ago

    I’m Irish and I know nothing about basket ball, but now I know Magic Johnson is a genuine person. He made me laugh.

  • M agic 1 year ago

    Man, I love Magic Johnson

  • New Message 1 year ago

    That ring looks huge on his hand.. I bet I could get three fingers in it.

  • KantusKid 1 year ago

    Cured of AIDS. Man is a walking miracle.

  • Fer 1 year ago

    “Lebron got it”…

  • MarioX 1 year ago

    Regards from Poland

  • wikedwun 1 year ago

    Magic always does a great segment. He is a such a well spoken eloquent and fun smiling guy. His laughter just brightens up the room and anyone he’s talking too.


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