Magic Johnson on Michael Jordan Telling Him to Retire, Kershaw Getting Pulled & New Documentary

Published on April 22, 2022

Magic talks about his documentary “They Call Me Magic” on Apple TV+, being Kareem’s rookie and having to do everything for him, signing a contract in 1984 for 1 million dollars a year for 25 years, going out to night clubs with Jerry Buss, a Camay commercial that had a big impact on him, his friendship with Isiah Thomas, returning to basketball after finding out he had HIV, Michael Jordan telling him that he should retire, and as co-owner of the Dodgers he comments on Clayton Kershaw being pulled from a potential perfect game.


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  • awill891 9 months ago

    He always make me smile! Easy to love the guy.

  • Kerry Venus 9 months ago

    Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, Magic Johnson Et Al.🙂

  • Wilfredo Rivera Jr. 9 months ago

    jimmy,your good at this.

  • dp233332 9 months ago

    MJ wasnt wrong for telling him to retire again in 96…that comeback attempt was ugly and sad…K.Malone was wrong for speaking out in 1992 when Magic decided to unretire more or less iimmediately after his stint with the dream team while he was still at the top of his game…when he returned again 4yrs later he no longer resembled that same player wasnt even performing at an all star level in 96 let alone on a HOF or GOAT of PGs level…Ive disliked K.Malone for almost 30yrs now because of that, and in all the time since everything ive learned about him has made me think he was unworthy of being on the team due to how much of a rotten if not toxic human being he is

  • Tesi Leota 9 months ago

    Jimmy & Magic so deep in sports talk that Jimmy forgot to ask for his invite to the summer yacht vacation…. Unless he already he already got it

  • True Son of Africa 9 months ago

    I feel sorry for Magic, imagine introducing your wife to your friends like “This is my wife cookie” lol

  • A Th 9 months ago

    He’s a serial cheater isn’t he?

  • Christopher Fields 9 months ago

    Magic is Showtime!

  • Tovey Cen 9 months ago

    I have seen a few magic interviews. This one seems bit rush and dry. Even tho looks quite fun . Jimmy cut him a few times. I think they tried too many contents in one go.

  • Peter Lundstrom 9 months ago

    Magic has such a contagious laugh.

  • M2a3i 9 months ago

    I can’t help, but smile- He laughs so much in this interview- He’s having so much fun

  • tj manielino 9 months ago

    How tall is Jimmy cause Mr magic height is 69

  • Vice Jupiter 9 months ago

    Missed opportunity: when Jimmy mentioned Jerry Buss could adopt Magic, he could’ve said his name as Magic Buss & the Lakers wore yellow. Missed opportunity.

  • Madi Inssa 9 months ago

    ah day inna time ! Cooh yah, mi dehyah !

  • Cody Chase 9 months ago

    He only made the documentary to counter act the new HBO show

  • CC Cares 9 months ago

    My GOAT

  • Gamer Dell 9 months ago

    Kareem no pork probly cause of religion.

  • EnterTheCarp 9 months ago

    I hate to burst your bubble
    But triple double trouble
    Is coming to your town
    And he’s gonna make rubble!
    Red Hots 4 life

  • Vanghost 9 months ago

    How tf Kimmel say he thought he knew everything about him but he didn’t know about Bird?? What a poser


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