Magic Johnson on Greatest Point Guard Debate, Vacation with Michael Jordan & Becoming a Billionaire

Published on November 7, 2023

Magic talks about hanging out with Jimmy and Lionel Richie at an Earth, Wind & Fire concert, becoming an owner of the Washington Commanders, Michael Jackson coming to a Lakers game when he was playing, having a weed strain named after him, Forbes naming him a billionaire, Steph Curry talking about the greatest point guard ever, going to dinner with Michael Jordan, and we reunite Magic with his infamous fur coat.

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  • King Am I 5 months ago

    0:14 timestamp

    Magic Johnson doesn’t own four professional sports teams. He’s a minority owner.

    Michael Jordan was the only first and only former NBA player to own an NBA team and sports franchise as majority owner and was the only black majority owner in the NBA and in sports until he cashed out $3 billion dollars in the summer of 2023 but retained a minority ownership stake and alternate governor.

  • Bregan Cool 5 months ago

    Magic is the best, hands down❣️

  • Yuriel Cundangan 5 months ago

    Johnson never failed to entertain

  • Yuriel Cundangan 5 months ago

    Magic really do entertain

  • Paul smith 5 months ago

    He’d make a good game show,host

  • Sunnyside 5 months ago

    13, 14 years ago, I was working a movie premiere at the Manns Chinese Theater. As the show let out , all the stars come out wave to the crowd & duck into their limos & drive off. Magic walks out of the theater , walks directly over to the security rails, signs autographs & takes pictures with all of the people that waited for everyone to come out. He did that for 15-20 minutes easy. Its the little things that go a long way.

  • K to the L 5 months ago

    Man I love seeing him reunited with his coat that was awesome Jimmy

  • Toodaloo Fruitaloo 5 months ago

    All three in those coats, too cute ❤😂

  • Nicola Mcguinness 5 months ago

    Wilt chamberlain talk about Adreian Payne

  • Quenton Ivery 5 months ago

    Wow that was so kool 😊

  • Phil 5 months ago

    I’m a celtics fan and watched all those great finals in the 80,s , I still remember that baby skyhook that magic took to beat us , normally I hate these rich people that run for office because they are out of touch with the majority of Americans but if magic ran for president he’s got my vote and millions of others

  • Jordanthetwin 5 months ago

    Nice Herbie Hancock intro.

  • Francis Dakis 5 months ago

    It is impossible not to like this man.

  • Bishop 5 months ago

    Magic Laugh. Hahaha

  • Size of a beetle bug 5 months ago

    This guy announced he had HIV the day before I turned 20 in 1991, ( I turn 50 tomorrow ugh) , I’ll never forget the announcement, it’s unbelievable how good he still looks especially knowing what HIV can do to a person

  • SLouis 5 months ago

    Very contagious laughter

  • Rudi Johnson 5 months ago

    Never see Jimmy paying more attention to every word someone says than when johnson is on his such a fan girl lol

  • Shantanu Mishra 5 months ago

    That was nice.. Magic, Jimmy and Guillermo in Wookie costumes.. 😂

  • Jnelle Trim 5 months ago

    Remember God loves you♥️!!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏🙏..
    He is coming back soon😊🥳…….

  • Carla Villarreal 5 months ago

    Following MJ on tour is and was always my dream


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