Madonna Reflects on Touring & Water Gun Fights With The Beastie Boys | The Graham Norton Show

Published on June 14, 2019

Must have been amazing! Madonna talks about her new album – Madame X – and reviews some of her nostalgic Instagram posts.

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  • sunny days 1 month ago

    Love M….so happy she’s back x

  • HWGW 1 month ago

    Wear the eyepatch, Bret

  • Joan of Arc 1 month ago

    It’s always laughable when i see people hating on Madonna for no reason. She’s nearly 60 and:

    – The most successful female musician of all time
    – Still making music and being a producer, writer and performer
    – Still selling out stadiums and having record breaking tours
    – Has outlasted almost every single artist that came after her

    I know some of you might not enjoy her style, but this woman is an absolute Legend and deserves a lot more respect.

  • Lisa G 1 month ago

    I always loved Madonna but what’s with the eye patch?

  • Jake Hunter 1 month ago

    Forever legend lol. #Jakehunter88

  • Rahul 1 month ago

    Man she’s almost 61
    She look 61 too

  • D E 1 month ago

    I love that her singing voice matches her personality

  • Carlos Díaz González 1 month ago

    She needs to be modern all the time since the 80’s. That is a shame.

  • Ryan Seven 1 month ago

    Madonna dressed as Slick Rick????

  • ArbitraryLifestyle 1 month ago

    What the hell is up with her teefs?

  • Prophet Pepi Islamovic-Muselmaier Allahut Nacktbar 1 month ago

    Did you see her “singing” at the European Song Contest without Autotune? This One-Eyed Demon cannot sing.

  • Jinky 1 month ago

    You played Israel. You’re dead to me.

  • Tre and Enrico Travels 1 month ago

    She’s so fun! And the new album is great!

  • MitchManEXE 1 month ago


    Sorry I can’t help it.

  • Mr BrightSide 1 month ago

    Say what you want about this woman. She’s an icon.

  • Dan 1 month ago

    The eye patch is a masonic sign. It’s in the bible and it’s a sign of the antichrist. Anyone can be “successful” on this world all you must do is sell your soul. However you will have to pay the price eternally in hell so you’d be thick as toffee to reject Jesus the Christ

  • Steve S 1 month ago

    Is she trying out her Thor impression? Or is the eye patch another gimmick? I can’t stand her.

  • جديد الساحرة المستديرة 1 month ago

    should’ve asked her about Tom Holland

  • جديد الساحرة المستديرة 1 month ago

    “Who’s Madonna?”

  • iShuffleAt Raves 1 month ago

    im from the hood, now let me tell what i see in madonna. a girl who abused drugs and no its not her age.


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