Luke Combs on His First Show & Wanting to Be a Homicide Detective

Published on November 5, 2019

Luke talks about wanting to be a homicide detective, playing gigs while in school, dropping out of college, his first paid show, and his custom designed crocs.

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  • Sorin Kempf 9 months ago

    Fallon has on Scott Evans who talks about being a homicide detective and Kimmel has on Luke Combs who talks about being a homicide detective. Weird coincidence ?

  • Dani Mark 9 months ago

    Who is he??! Country singer?

  • Ana M 9 months ago

    Damn good country artist !!!! Beer never ever ever broke my heart ???

  • Phoenix Valdez 9 months ago

    Not gonna lie I love him tbh

  • Ulisses Mata 9 months ago

    I’ve only heard a couple songs, but man this guy seems so charismatic as heck. What a funny guy. Might have to listen more, maybe.


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