Look, Not Every Episode We Make Is a Classic

Published on October 7, 2021

After James introduces the night’s guest, including Cat Power, the gang dives into some of the more iconic single-named musicians, which leads to writer Louis Waymouth recalling the time he got stuck in a conversation with Kanye West and The Edge. And when James shares we will be in repeats next week, CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein catches some heat about our summer vacation.

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  • Mrdrunkenbadger 2 years ago

    Please please please bring back the news jingles

  • Paul DeLane 2 years ago

    who wants to hear about your 3 month vacations!!! Fricken rich people, so insensitive!

  • Mindseye299 2 years ago

    OMG give me your bad pandemic shows any time!!! This kind of give a f**k interaction is what I’m here for!!!

  • veri gutenberger 2 years ago

    Nick really hates James. Ita like the more successful the show is and the more supported James is. Nick hates it more. Hes a toxic kid…

  • Mark Orchard 2 years ago

    Bono and The Edge walked into a Dublin bar. The barman looks up and says “oh, not you two again”. ‘you two’!!! Boom-boom. You’re welcome!

  • Michele Falvo 2 years ago

    Steve’s jingle isn’t even a jingle anymore. I think right before the last story they put in Steve’s jingle to announce it and everyone shuts up.

  • Thoughtspresso 2 years ago

    We want Steve’s THE NEWS intro music!

  • English Teacher1984 2 years ago

    Notice he didn’t mention Colbear.

  • Vladislav Todorov 2 years ago

    JC: “I like that name.. Cat Power..”
    Ian: “She’s the Greatest”
    Everyone: *woooooshhh*

  • Adam Kehoe 2 years ago

    When’s this cruise happening with the late show?

  • Karen Willough 2 years ago

    Love the tie, James!


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