Look at these Assholes: Trump Family Edition | The Daily Show

Published on December 12, 2019

President Trump attacks Greta Thunberg on Twitter, Don Jr. kills an endangered sheep for sport, the Trumps are taken to task for abusing charity funds, and Ronny Chieng explains the right way to use charity dollars. #LookAtTheseAssholes #TheDailyShow



  • MichaelWilliamH 7 months ago

    Republicans are the worst terrorist of all times.

  • Carla 7 months ago

    I guess then there is a new way for Americans to get onto some money , start a charity , steal the money and all you get is go to a class … sounds legit

  • Quantex Systems 7 months ago

    I agree with Trump. She is too aggressive.

  • Michael Schoenecker 7 months ago

    Mad King Donald is insane get this ass hat out of the office and in jail

  • DEnise CHavez 7 months ago

    You the bomb, Trevor!

  • Char Hermann 7 months ago

    What an ignorant jerk. Unbelievably stupid. Enough of this orange fool. He is dangerous.

  • gorams csu 7 months ago

    He’s such a POS.

  • elsab8379 7 months ago

    Just shows Trump’s mentality. Not fit to be a president

  • Davoin Shower Handle 7 months ago

    fuckin love America, bashing on your president without getting executed.

  • Wardha Aa 7 months ago

    Trevor is awesome ?

  • Corn Pop 7 months ago

    Trump is truly human excrement, doing nothing but tweeting all day… at taxpayers’ expense. His very solemn speech about his giant turds clogging up toilets all over DC was nothing short of stable genius caliber. (Did you know that “W” had that very same problem and wrote about it in his memoir, “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Lose”?). But people are saying Trump is taking enormous growlers because he actually eats horse apples… straight from his Pony “Spunky’s” hindquarters. But this attacking a true hero like young Greta is heinous; and something America has to put up with hourly from this scared, petty piece of shit traitor… like his mocking of the disabled, putting kids in cages, attacking war heroes, etc. Trump, the very definition of the words “con man,” “coward,” and “bully,” recently was named “Pussy Ass Bitch Of The Year” at a White Supremacy House gala attended by five of his most loyal sycophants, each taking a turn burying their nose up dotard’s fat orange ass. Trump ate an entire chocolate cake all by himself, sharing none of it with Mike Pence, Gym “The Perv” Jordan, Stephen “Goebbels” Miller, Devin Nunes, Doug Collins, Kellyanne Conway, and Ms. Lindsey Graham. They then were invited to watch Russia’s #1 Agent make a boom-boom in his own little potty, cheering loudly and yelling “Hip Hip Hooray, Donnie!” and singing “For He’s A Low-IQ Unstable Genius!” The assembled idiots also presented him with a yuuuuge Person Of The Year award he had just won from Popular Sociopath Magazine. You are one ugly, fat, stupid, self-centered son-of-a-bitch, Trump. And you have succeeded in your goal of “Making Russia Great Again!” Fuck you and entire treasonous Putin Republicans.

  • Donovan 7 months ago

    *On ♪ the ♬ first ♩ day ♫ of ♪ Christmas ♩ ??:* Trump Steak, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Water, Trump University Diploma, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, Trump Charity Foundation, Trump Football Team, Trump Bike Races, Trump Casinos, Trump’s Bankruptcies, Trump’s Word, …. etc. *Winning!* ???

  • Anthony Bourne 7 months ago

    Just on the title it self I had to press like lmao!!!

  • ice cold 7 months ago

    Greta should Movie called (impeachment hearings) with a friend.

  • Paul Tarsus 7 months ago

    As I read the comments of Democrats, all I read is hatred, intolerance, fascism, insanity, cruelty, meanness, stupidity, and mental illness. You all privately betray what you advocate publicly.
    Eventually, you will all eat each other in hell.

  • Suzy Q 7 months ago

    The grossest part of the Trump painting purchase, is that it was put up for auction as the last item of the day. Trump bid on it, making sure it brought in more money than any other item, and paid for it with the money people donated to the Trump Foundation, meant for the needy.
    That tells me that Trumplethinskin has a major insecurity about his micropenis.

  • opticalcanine 7 months ago

    Not a huge daily show fan since John left but whoever down voted this is an uncivilized psycopath

  • May ag 7 months ago

    Is just so ridiculous

  • Stephen Tomsky 7 months ago

    Wow Trump is so childish he has to pick on teenagers. Where’s Melania to defend children and decry online bullying?

  • Adam Ebra 7 months ago

    Idk how Trevor talks all this shit about trump and not get departed from US ? ?


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