LNSM Turns 10: The Sea Captain and Friends Say Goodbye to the Attic

Published on February 18, 2024

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Late Night with Seth Meyers on February 24, this week we’re highlighting one clip from each year the show has been on the air.

From August 21, 2020: Seth largely spent 2020 hosting Late Night from an attic, and during this period he introduced audiences to his new friends, including a painting of a sea captain. As a farewell to the remote show era, the Sea Captain and other new attic pals said goodbye with a shanty.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • @somefreshbread 2 months ago

    I know it’s weird and dark and morbid, but it feels like quarantine was the best thing to happen to Late Night. The show came back better than it ever was.

  • @saml302 2 months ago

    in a few years people will be making video essays abt all the quarantined late night shows, and some will even just study the Sea Captain. and I’ll be there, and I’ll be content in knowing I loved the Sea Captain from the very beginning

  • @ceno10101 2 months ago

    I miss 2020.

  • @sstudley82 2 months ago

    Ow wow! Didn’t even realize this is now a core memory for me

  • @SyzygyNoon 2 months ago

    Such a wholesome, naive young man. You can barely see the precious glint of Animal Flubs in his eye. Or, as the Sea Captain would say (you saw this coming), his ayyyyyyeeeee….
    And that was our show, everybody!

  • @moonstoneway2694 2 months ago

    Why am I crying? 😥 No goodbyes. Just thank you and see you again (but maybe not due to another catastrophe.) 😊

  • @benperrier 2 months ago

    Bring back the sea captain!!

  • @ddavis4730 2 months ago

    Love you Seth

  • @khallo151 2 months ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying. We all need a group hug.

  • @Bronzehans 2 months ago

    Can we get an animated series about the Sea Captain?

  • @keithtaylor2177 2 months ago

    I remember shedding a tear or two when this aired.

  • @traviscutler9912 2 months ago

    So good. Will Forte is a comedy genius.

  • @silverXnoise 2 months ago

    I hadn’t realized Matt Parker played some role in this trash fire…

  • @juliemacdonell6381 2 months ago

    I think Seth’s show will go down in history as people making the best of a very hard time. Thank you again! 💗

  • @alrightyru 2 months ago

    Lately in the evenings I’ve been Seth adjacent watching 30 Rock on Crave. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy are my spirit animals, it was so wonderful to see Tracy in this clip! I’d love to get to 30 Rockefeller Plaza one day, the home of NBC 🙌🇨🇦

  • @sunshine3914 2 months ago

    2:25 Obviously I missed something

  • @RIXRADvidz 2 months ago

    With all the windups and reviews, is Seth coming back from hiatus? Seems like they’re wrapping the show.

  • @cdmp777 2 months ago

    I literally miss the sea captain so much. I wish Seth would make him apart of the joke parts of the show. This era totally helped keep me sane and get thru the demic.

  • @pollytiks3885 2 months ago

    There was something more intimate about those shows from home. I can’t imagine the strain it put on hosts, but there are things about it I miss. Mainly the Sea Captain. Thank you Seth and crew for keeping us connected and entertained!


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