Lizzy Caplan’s Friends Don’t Care That She’s An Actor | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Published on December 5, 2022

Lizzy shares how her friends keep her grounded. Plus, Conan shares what he’d like written on his tombstone.

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  • Andrew Kim 2 months ago

    Lizzy Caplan is such an underrated, versatile actress.

    Her starring roles in Castle Rock as well as Masters Of Sex are two of her best roles.

  • رقمي ٠٠٩٦٧٧١٥١٢٤١٣٠ ثبت تعليقي لوجه الله 2 months ago

    بّـــــــوُجَهِ آلَلَهِ عــــــــلَيـــــــّكَمِ ثًــــــــقــــــرأوُ كَلَآمِــــــــي لَنـــــــٌهِآيـــــــّهِ
    يَاْعبّادِالُلُُه يَامٌسِلُمٌيَنَ اتْقًوَ الُلُُه فَيَنَا انَظٌرَوَ الُيَنَا بُّْعيَنَ الُرَحُمٌُه يَا نَاسِ يَاامٌةِ مٌحُمٌدِ صّارَتْ فَيَ قًلُوَبّكِمٌ لُارَحُمٌُه وَلُاشِفَقًُه وَلُا انَسِـانَيَُه انَـيَ كِـمٌ شِـكِيَـتْ وَكِـمٌ نَادِيَـتْ وَكِـمٌ نَاشِـدِ وَلُكِنَ لُاحُـيَاُه لُـمٌنَ تْـنَادِـيَ ُهـلُ يَرَضُيـكِـمٌ انَ اٌخـوَانَـيَ يَـبّـكِـوَنَ وَيَمٌوَتْوَنَ مٌنَ الُجْوَُُْع وَانَتْمٌ مٌوَجْوَدِوَنَ يَْعلُمٌ الُلُُه لُانَجْدِ احُتْا قًيَمٌتْ كِيَسِ دِقًيَقً ابّيَ مٌتْوَفَيَ وَاٌخوَنَيَ صّغًارَ ليس لنا أحد أقسم بالله العظيم أنهم ناموا أمس جوعانين وهم يبكون والدموع جفت من البكاء ياأهل الخير هل يرضيكم أننا من أمس لحد الآن بدون أكل ياأخوة الإسلام نحن أسره أيتام ونازحين ومشردين مستاجرين بيت واليوم صارت علينا متاخرات حق الاجار وما استطعنا ندفع وصاحب البيت يشتي يخرجنا اذا مادفعنا الاجار أرجووكم ساعدونا وفرحونا أرجوكم أوقفوا معنا والله العظيم أننا بأمس الحاجه أسألكم بالله ياأهل الخير الي عنده القدره على مساعدتنا لايتاخر علينا لحظه رقمي واتساب على أسم القناه الذي يقدر يساعدنا يراسلني على الواتساب نرسله الاسم الكامل يحولنا بقدر المستطاع عليه جزاك الله خير…. ،،

  • Ken Champion 2 months ago


  • Radiant97 2 months ago

    Glad to finally have Lizzy on the podcast. I’ve always loved her appearances on the late night show so it’s nice to see them actually have a real conversation.

  • Life Without Borders 2 months ago

    Sona : “I’hv to fix my Resume” jab is nice timing

  • Phil Machi 2 months ago

    Wow! Lizzy has a fantastic voice for podcasting. This was such an honest and kind exchange mixed with just the right amount of humor!

  • Jacqueline Mantia 2 months ago

    Oh wow, how these certain people treat you both is one of many faces of narcissism. People who feel the need to tax you are really expressing how threatened they feel by you just being you lol. It has everything to do with a hurt ego tied to not tending to ones own self and nothing to do with you. They inadvertently do this with everyone who has something they wish they had. That could include putting you down in their head or doing so to your face

    The root/the heart of feeling threatened is true admiration. Normally, in the presence of someone who has done something amazing for themselves, people express how proud they are of you. They’ve usually reflected on how many thousands of steps the person before them had to take in order to get to where they are today and end up feeling inspired- not threatened 😊

  • talking meme 2 months ago

    Lizzy talks perfect. Not more, not less, no bulsht, not boring. Just perfect.

  • Gus 1901 2 months ago


  • Gary Cohen 2 months ago

    Little known fact, Conan bought a lot of Victorian-era NFTs.

  • jenerjenis 2 months ago

    Conan loves Lizzy

  • Pandora Fox 2 months ago

    I really dislike when people who don’t know Conan are nasty to him. It just seems gratuitous and petty. He has worked hard for YEARS to entertain people and doesn’t owe anyone anything. He has gotten me through some very dark times and I have nothing but Love and Gratitude for him and his team. 🧡🧡🧡

  • Davers 2 months ago

    Absolutely adore Lizzy, it’s no surprise she and Conan see eye to eye. 🙂

    Their conversation over zoom during pandemic was the best thing ever 😂 Her haircut turned out so adorable

  • Spacewalker 2 months ago

    oh she is a snowflake then.😓

  • Matt Mays 2 months ago

    See you all in 2025 when Conan is doing his HBO thing and gives the podcast to Lizzy as a throwback.


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