Lizzo understood the assignment



  • Sahara Coleman 2 weeks ago

    The blush, lipstick and top looks gorgeous on her! That pink tone is her color 😍🤩💕

  • djhero0071 2 weeks ago

    Sadly, she’s still gotten bullied even after this. She made the news a few weeks ago after posting an emotional clip of herself on Instagram.

  • MalcolmRandall 2 weeks ago

    Body Positivity… BULL$H!T. Because if Lizzo really was body positive, she wouldn’t have made that Instagram video of her crying about why people don’t like her. She wouldn’t have Cared what strangers think of her.

  • tabularasa 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t body *neutrality* the real goal? Your body is just your vessel, carrying your thoughts around. If it’s in decent health, how it looks shouldn’t matter one way or another 👥


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