Little Mix on the Zayn Breakup, Performing with Taylor Swift

Published on August 18, 2015

Before their performance of Black Magic, James asks Perrie Edwards how she’s holding up after her breakup with Zayn Malik.

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  • Minnie C 5 years ago

    that video title….. really

  • Minnie C 5 years ago

    how is it “little mix on zayn breakup” when
    1) it was for 20 seconds
    2) perrie answered
    3) it wasn’t exactly a direct question so…
    4) THIS IS ABOUT LM but continue

  • Prabhnoor Bagri 5 years ago

    First comment!!! :)

  • Sonyah Terrason 5 years ago

    Can you please change the title out of respect? Really appreciated!

  • Blazing Fusion 5 years ago

    I’m prressed that they still bring Zayn in every interview. My god.

  • Erin Peden 5 years ago

    This is why I like James as an interviewer, he asks questions that he knows
    may be difficult to answer but he makes them humerus so there isn’t a lot
    of pressure on them

  • Ellie Goulding and One Direction 5 years ago

    Little mix are only famous cuz Perrie and Zayn were going out.

  • Bruno Ferreira 5 years ago

    am i the only that found so rude of James to put Perrie on the spot like
    that? Like, seriously?? If an actor breaks up with his girlfriend would he
    do the same thing? I expected more from him. But nice of him to have them
    perform at least.

  • Elizabeth Damian 5 years ago

    well first off.. I love Jades accent ?

    & Not a hardcore little mix fan & definitely not a Perrie fan.. but I must
    say that I felt so bad for her breakup. she seemed heartbroken. & I love
    that those girls are doing nothing but comforting her & making her smile &
    be happy. Zayn seems like he doesnt give a rats ass about her quick so I
    felt horrible for her. Through all the rumors of Zayn cheating & him
    quitting 1D.. Perrie always stood by him & supported him & trusted him &
    took him back.

    Like I said, I dont like Perrie but I feel for her. Say what you want but
    she’s a strong girl by the looks of it. ?

  • Verena 5 years ago

    Perrie is so much better off without Zayn.

  • Hannah Chesnutt 5 years ago

    +The Late Late Show with James Corden If you brought up thou- who- shall
    not be named, then you also should have congratulated Jesy on her

  • Gil CJ 5 years ago

    I’m on no one’s side here, but am I the only one who thinks Perrie and
    Zayn’s break up timing is great? It’s the best publicity they can get when
    they are promoting themselves in America.

  • Styles Grace 5 years ago


  • BiebersLoon 5 years ago


  • HO_HZOO _ 5 years ago

    can they please stop brining zayn in every LM interview ? LET THE BOY LIVE!

  • Wily Whiskers 5 years ago

    I am a massive 1D fan, but Zayn is a fucking idiot. Perrie is perfect.

  • Nini From Fall Out Boy™ 5 years ago

    All of you acting like Zayn hasn’t done shit to help Little mix lmao he’s
    been their promoter since x-factor and even now, search Little Mix and you
    see Zerrie news crop up. Their relationship was unhealthy and Perrie isn’t
    an angel, because she is equally at fault.
    Anyway, hope they start going up o their own talent instead of falling back
    on the oh-so irrelevant Zayn.
    And,even you Mixers should quit fighting and focus on giving these girls
    the success they deserve.

  • Jadah Bae 5 years ago

    zerrie was fake anyway lol 

  • Lizzy Turner 5 years ago

    don’t act like little mix would be anything without Zayn’s promotion

  • Fartuun Elmi 5 years ago

    *Desperately searches for little Mix performance with Taylor Swift*

  • aria grey 5 years ago

    is this show prerecorded, because this show aired last night 17.8.15 and
    little mix performed with Taylor swift on the 15.8.15,so am confused to why
    he said they performed with her last night, when its not so,did he get the
    date wrong or something??

  • Stacey Kelly 5 years ago

    Perrie handled that so amazingly and with so much class. Have so much
    respect for her!

  • Rasinah Firdaus 5 years ago

    Zayn left 1D yet his name is used to promote these girls. They’re not gonna
    succeed unless they shut up about Zayn and start taking themselves
    seriously as artists and focus on their music. Moreover, singing regressive
    bubblegum pop shit ain’t gonna attract the masses.

  • arrgh garry 5 years ago

    I wish she said he is a knobhead

  • Layla Aref 5 years ago

    I wish someone would congratulate Jesy on her engagement

  • King Arthur 5 years ago

    Zayn Malik made this band famous. TEAM ZAYN ALL THE WAY

  • Smokey Mann 5 years ago

    Perrie stop asking people to bring up the word Zayn in any interview you do
    let your other band mates shine for once your the least attractive of the
    group and your big mouth can’t make up for that nor any amount of Instagram
    filter fake colored contacts or drawn on lips just cut the umbilical cord
    once and for all you’ll finally get respect

  • Manuel Obi 5 years ago

    Perrie is too good for Zayn

  • graceeey147 5 years ago

    Of course she’s business minded you don’t have a somewhat squeaky clean
    image and sell that many records without one!

  • papermoon 5 years ago

    I started off as a huge fan of One Direction and Zayn himself and now I
    cannot be more disappointed in him. It’s not just because he called off his
    engagement with the best girl he could get but the fact that he started
    acting like a complete asshole after he left the band. All those tweets and
    fights really don’t do him any good and he will eventually lose all his
    fans because he is being really arrogant.
    Anyway, I am so happy for the girls and I hope they’ll get really big in
    America even though their american fanbase is already pretty huge, good job

  • Sofia Linho 5 years ago

    I’ve been a directioner since 2011 but I just gotta let this out…. ZAYN
    knew the real Zayn….

  • Talena Bell 5 years ago

    I just wanna know why half of you guys are super mad at this group? Like,
    why do y’all keep saying they’re only famous because of Zayn, Zayn is their
    promoter, yada yada yada. Like why are y’all even so bitter? This girl band
    has remarkable talent and people are recognizing that. I don’t see why
    y’all are hating so hard; it’s pathetic. Get your heads out of Zayn’s a**

  • Nadine T 5 years ago

    And lets face it, little mix always had some relation to 1d bc of that one
    relationship. Now its going to be the same that they are no longer
    together. Perrie/little mix will always share the sentence with 1d and
    zayn. So that wave is going to continue to be ridden for a while and it
    sucks im sure but thats what happens.

  • TED CLUBBERLANG 5 years ago

    would stick my teddy dick in every little bit of little mix

  • Zahraa Mk 5 years ago

    well remember who made u famous now every body blaming zayn i can’t believe
    how people changeable with their minds

  • mxvp 5 years ago

    Little mix is so much better than 5H tbh like they’re way classier and
    their music isn’t as trashy as 5H lolol. But what Zayn rted was pretty
    douchey imo.

  • Kayla Glaraton 5 years ago

    Zayn needs to grow up, all the love to Little Mix, Perrie, and 1D. Congrats

  • Taylor Steele 5 years ago

    No hate but is jessie pregnant? She looks it not being mean just concern

  • Salman Taqi 5 years ago

    Perrie is the strongest girl i have ever seen, besides, she’s better off
    without zayn and his drama.. no hate intended..

  • Unicorn Cookie 5 years ago

    Perrie deserves better than zayn he broke up with her with an text message
    like who does that like and he kicked her out if their house zayn has
    become a dick ugh I hate him so much

  • Peter Healy 5 years ago

    Sexy beeatchs but i have to say compared to the likes of Michael Jackson,
    elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Frank sinatra, Whitney Houston, this crowd
    little mix and Taylor Swift the talent is very low and not just them that
    really goes for the majority of artists that are in the music industry
    today, basically what im trying to say is that there one hit wonders will
    they be remembered in the likes of 20 to 25 years time like elvis Michael
    Jackson and so on I highly doubt it and you got impressionable young people
    thinking there gods gift when the reality is there just rubbish and that’s
    the truth. 

  • reality 5 years ago

    They are not my cup of tea, not on my street…Zayn’s girl

  • Hannah D'laine 5 years ago

    I’m sorry that Little Mix is under Psyco/Modest. If they’re gonna be the
    next exploit (which Perrie already is, her relationship stunt with Zayn),
    you better hope they get out alive. It’s too late for Zayn and One
    Direction. Their fans (including me) are already six feet under with the
    boys and we aren’t coming back. Let’s just hope one of these girls aren’t
    lesbian, if they are, they’re in for even more hell. But Little Mix don’t
    deserve to be exploited like this like 1D were. Even if Perrie is
    disrespectful to several cultures (cultural appropriation) and that thing
    that happened with Ramadan.

  • sullyluver1 5 years ago

    They broke the spice girls record? Meanwhile 4 years later they finally win
    an award, but not even a legit one.

  • mrsDOCTEUR 5 years ago

    Zayn (mostly) and the rest of 1D are the reason why Little Mix are where
    they are now. If Zerrie never happened they would either have Union J’s
    fame level or have disbanded by now. Still to this day, they can’t get any
    media coverage unless Zayn is mentioned. And you guys have nothing but
    bullshit stories delivered by trash newspapers such as The Sun to justify
    calling him a jerk, liar etc. The Sun have been called out by many
    celebrities/people in the business including Rihanna and C. Ronaldo for
    publishing complete utter bullshit and y’all believe them when they say he
    dumped her over a damn text! LOL! I hate gullible people. Perrie and the
    rest of her group have been acting like he didn’t break up with only Perrie
    but their entire damn band. They have been constantly publicly shading
    Zayn. From making their performances of Black Magic pure petty sketches
    referring to Zayn; holding signs saying “Zayn is irrelvant anyways”; saying
    Drag Me Down is their (perrie’s) favorite summer song even tho it kicked
    their own single out of the #1 spot in the UK(lol); shady IG activity; etc.
    Whereas all Zayn did was Retweet a tweet on social media saying that Worth
    It by 5H is better than Black Magic (which it is in my opinion and that
    song corresponds a lot more to his taste in music than Black Magic does)
    which was obviously just a response to their cringe worthy immature acts.
    When Little Mix are being immature it’s just them being supportive and it’s
    all about girl power; but when Zayn simply retweets a tweet in response,
    he’s an ‘asshat’, he’s “degrading” his ex-fiancée?? Lol those are really
    ugly double standards. I suggest you all do minimum research on who Zayn
    Malik is before talking shit and being judgmental, because relying on those
    bullshit articles makes you look like fucking dumbasses.

  • Lisa Luvs Makeup 5 years ago

    im so happy for zayn. he got away from a bitchy girl from a bitchy band
    that was only a leach

  • Julie M 5 years ago

    these girls are only famous because of Zayn, sorry but its true. people
    mostly care about Perrie only because of her connection to zayn. so before
    you thank your fans ( aka directioners) thank 1D

  • Amira Farouk 5 years ago

    Zayn had all the rights to shade them lmaoo after all that lm has shaded
    him with. If it wasn’t for Zayn no one would give a rats ass about lm

  • Husnul Khotimah 5 years ago

    Perrie got her friends, family, and fans while Zayn got no one except those
    idiot fans of his who are still blaming Perrie on everything that Zayn has
    been through. He made his decision himself. He said he wants a normal life.
    Can u just see now what he is doing? Is that what you call a normal life? I
    just dont get it why he becomes an a**hole.

    And happy 4 years with LM. I know I was not there since the very first
    time. But now I love LM so much. They inspire me with their talent. ❤❤❤❤

  • Fifitcha 5 years ago

    I’m sorry but I just can’t feel sorry for her, or for him, actually. I
    honestly think they’re both being children about the whole thing.

  • harpreet k 5 years ago


  • tatisloveoth 5 years ago

    Perrie should try acting! she got y’all believing that pr stunt of a
    relationship was real and is noe pulling the
    strong-female-that-don’t-need-a-man arc perfectly

  • Nathalia Fuentess 5 years ago

    Perrie is so strong and I love her for that.

  • Maria Aguilera 5 years ago


  • N Kawesome 5 years ago

    Remember when Zayn said he left the band because he didn’t want the
    spotlight and wanted to be a “normal 22 year old”, yea…he’s really trying
    hard not to be in the spotlight

  • Kamtyox Vivianne 5 years ago

    James corded is the sweetest coolest dopest tv show host EVER

  • Electianx 5 years ago

    *signs and looks at all the zayn hate comments* look I know the break up
    was bad and somehow “zayn is stupid for breaking up with her” and “omg
    perrie was the best thing that happened to him” but this is all for stunt.
    notice how black magic took off right when zayn broke up with her? yeah,
    all planned out. *sighs and goes back to being a emo zayn stan*

  • Pinked out Payton 5 years ago

    Guys come on it’s already so hard for them already stop adding more stress
    to their lives!!! I honestly knew about LM before 1D and it’s different for
    everyone! Why can’t we just support them on their choices and get on with
    our lives!!!!

  • Lorde Fan (Lorde4323) 5 years ago

    Honestly Zayn to this day us helping them so many people siding with LM but
    we’re originally with Zayn just saying
    Zayn is a human he does stupid shit so does everyone else
    Let him live he’s too fucking young to get married and not enjoy the life
    god. Has given him and will give him
    Just saying Taylor Swift is a bitch that demands money for everything but
    no one tells her anything
    Zayn didn’t diss her he merely stated he agreed with Miley doesn’t mean he
    dissed her
    LM deserves the hate they are just straight up rude to Zayn and act like
    he’s the worst human in the earth
    Y’all saying this is the real Zayn look at LM they are showing their true
    colors too

  • Maddy Maree (maddymxree) 5 years ago

    I love the way James equally includes every member of the band! Normally in
    interviews you can notice the interview has a favourite member and only
    puts their attention on that person but he never does so good on him and
    his interviewing skills, never fails to make a decent interview.

  • Gilinsky 17 5 years ago

    Perrie always gets the attention! I’m
    Not blaming her! It’s sucks sometimes bc when something happens to another
    member then she tries to too it ??

  • Emily Keogh 5 years ago

    go perrie!! she’s being so strong and i love zayn but he is being a bit of
    an ass wipe about there whole situation (having said that we don’t know
    what goes on behind closed doors so respect to both) x

  • whatis goingon 5 years ago

    Everybody should thank perrie for everything and everybody who hated on her
    should appologize. everybody asked her about the break-up and all she says
    was “I’m good” and all of us know that she’s not Okay at all. and yesterday
    she cried on stage . and she didn’t do anything to zayn but support and
    love but look at what he did . i’m not saying he should stay with her even
    tho he has no feelings towards her but he should’ve have dissed her. And
    for everybody who said that she’s dramtic beacause she cried yesterday,
    well let me ask you something how would you feel if you broke up with
    someone who you have always loved and you’ve been together fo four years
    and engaged for two years and you were about to get married? just show some
    love and stop hating. Have a good day :)

  • ayitsnataliee xo 5 years ago

    All you idiots saying zayn made this band or made them famous must be way
    behind. Did you even watch Xfactor? Listened to there songs like wings and

  • Maria A 5 years ago

    Aww I’m a directioner and i love LM and Perrie. I don’t understand why
    people are hating on them. If it is still because of zayn.. I think you
    seriously need to grow up and stop actin like a psycho ex gfs of zayn lmao

  • xCherBearsBratx 5 years ago

    pause at 1:36. It’s nice to see her smiling like that after all of this 🙂
    i love you Perrie xx

  • Isara Collins 5 years ago

    I find it disrespectful for him to ask about the breakup but no hate it’s
    just my opinion

  • Betti Kökény 5 years ago

    I love Perrie so much & I’m heartbroken for her

  • Beth Irwin 5 years ago

    lmfao. people are saying that without zayn, little mix would flop but guess
    what? they’re getting much more successful without him so kma.

  • IngrindSling 5 years ago

    jerrie is back, and i’m very happy for jesy’s about her engagement!

  • Christelle Jean 5 years ago

    1. Anything having to do with little mix is now fake and a stunt

    2. It’s impossible that a human being fell in love bc of her social status

    3. Whenever you have a problem with LM you should use that as an excuse to
    hate them

    4. Respect for people who make music doesn’t matter and since we rarely use
    respect, let’s not use it at all. In fact judging anything but a musician’s
    music and focusing on appearance is now cool

  • Georgia Rose 5 years ago

    perrie is such a sweetheart ?❤️

  • Andrew Bedingfield 5 years ago

    I can’t understand the other two. Sounds like they’re from India??

  • May Flower 5 years ago

    They’re so awesome and I ♡ how Greg was so sweet to Perry.

  • Pointless directioner 5 years ago

    Can 5sos take a lesson from Jade on how to keep their accents please?

  • ahmed masood memon 5 years ago

    i love there scouse accent

  • Thaleia Chrys 5 years ago

    love little mix there amazing

  • Emily Ordner 5 years ago

    James Corden or Jimmy Fallon?

  • emily w 5 years ago

    i hate how much jade and perrie have to tone down their accents!!!
    americans piss me off

  • Shelly Bellz 5 years ago

    You know what’s funny (to me, at least)? People say Zayne made this group
    famous, but I didn’t know who Zayne was until I became a fan of little mix,
    but I didn’t know who little mix was until i was a fan of fifth harmony and
    i kept seeing the fans fighting about little mix lol. So really, I think 5h
    is a small reason little mix is famous. i started out as a 5h fan, but now
    i don’t even like them, I only listen to little mix LOL!

  • TheNonMakeupGuru 5 years ago

    You know what i loved about this. He didn’t want details. He legit just
    wanted to know if she was alright.

  • Pulpostar Love 5 years ago

    im not thei8r biggest fan but i think they are really talented. im a
    directioner, but i think that Perrie deserves to be happy with or without
    Zayn. and im glad she is ok

  • TheLovelife35 5 years ago

    They are milking this so much… Good PR.

  • Kevin Carryl 5 years ago

    These girls are really supportive and there for each other, you can just
    tell, it’s good that Piere has such amazing support during this difficult

  • Ally styles 5 years ago

    this is the most professional and thoughtful referral to Perrie and Zayns
    break up I’ve seen, thank you James for handling it so well like you always

  • Ariel 5 years ago

    Zayn: *is chillin and glo’d up*
    Perry: *is chillin and glo’d up*

  • salma boulezhar 5 years ago

    jesy looks pregnant ?!

  • 17maysnow 5 years ago

    I love how he was swift about it like he didn’t necessarily say what
    happened just asked her and also how he quickly changed the subject. He is
    one of the few late night show people that I admire.

  • Emily Brooks 5 years ago

    GO PERRIE!!!

  • Bubble0and0tea 5 years ago

    I find Jade’s accent so sexy wow

  • Moni Casi 5 years ago

    I think James were really sensitive about the breakup, good job!

  • Zekerah Johnson 5 years ago

    the way jade says twitter gives me life

  • Melissa Paz Leon 5 years ago

    I LOVE One Direction. And I LOVE Zayn but he’s letting his asshole side out
    and acting like a douche. Girls should stick together and I feel Perrie’s
    feelings so right now i cant even stamhim. Srly.

  • Ebony Civit 5 years ago

    love them

  • Halley Murphy 5 years ago

    When Perrie went to grab Jades hand after talking about Zayn… My Jerrie

  • kim taeyeon 5 years ago

    I don’t understand what they are saying

  • Nicole VanGuilder 5 years ago

    I love that he focused on their music and only touched on Zerrie

  • lynlovescake 5 years ago

    I wish they had more time. I’m sure he would have congratulated jesy on air
    if they had time.

  • Faraz Ahmad 5 years ago

    Perrie is lying .
    + broken ♥ heart

  • Snow Flakes 5 years ago

    Aww Pez <3


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