Lior Raz Was Interrogated by an Immigration Officer About His Show Fauda

Published on August 18, 2021

Lior Raz talks about pivoting from a career in security to acting, working on American production vs an Israeli production and getting recognized in public.

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  • aninformedass 1 year ago

    Israeli special forces wow impressive. Ask him how many Arab kids he killed

  • daviel100 1 year ago

    Absolute legend.

  • kdhymes 1 year ago

    sigh. seth. can we not platform the glamorization of this shite? super disappointing. he has a show so you need to interview him? How does this fit with the apparent mission of the show? Could you consider speaking to the fact that the IDF was involved in some of the worst police training in the US? That the IDF has brutalized countless people, often simply because it can? This is close to a deal breaker for me, despite my love of the show. If it is gonna be like Colbert, where we talk about justice but we launder the unjust… I’m out.

  • Gregg Powers 1 year ago

    Hit&Run brilliant show, intelligent. Hoping next season will be shot in South Africa.

  • Paul Keeley 1 year ago

    Fauda what a stunning show. Lior acting world class. Great great cast.

  • Chris Cunningham 1 year ago

    Love you, Lior! You’re so talented!

  • Lilac 1 year ago

    I’m not a fan of “Hit and Run” but i love Lior ❤️
    גאווה ישראלית! 🇮🇱

  • Chris Mason 1 year ago

    This show was phenomenal. I was glued to my seat every episode.

  • TheBarbahaba 1 year ago

    wtf was that clapping in the beginning ?
    its like they have only 2 guys in the audience

  • כתבות ועדכונים חמים 1 year ago

    Who Loves Lior Raz?
    Love him from Israel!

  • naor test1 1 year ago

    I love this guy!


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